Sharp X Mind Is Filled With Gore, Nudity, And A Trip Through The Mind Of A Crazy Man
Sharp X Mind

An adult-oriented psychological action-thriller from indie developers Eat People Not Animals is on the way called Sharp X Mind. It’s a game about journeying into the deepest depths of a prisoner named Mr. Fish, as you attempt to battle through hordes of naked enemies, face off against Mr. Fish’s worst nightmares, and eventually free him of the evil spirit that clouds his mind.

The game doesn’t have a full ESRB rating but if it did it would most certainly land an AO rating. Why? Well, it features high-impact gore complete with a body-cutting mechanic, but not the stylized kind that Platinum Games used in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. We’re talking some body-mutilation with plenty of gore and blood spray, in a less anime-inspired style.

The game also is chock full of nudity of all kinds, with swinging schlongs, bare titties, and genitals on display galore. There’s also plenty of uncensored sex as well. Heck, the NSFW debut trailer basically gives you a very complete idea of how far the game will likely go.

Beyond the sex, gore, and sword-wielding, there are also NPCs you’ll walk around and talk to, along with being able to go to a theater, nightclub, or the freak show and watch 50 different classic movies and shows.

Some gamers have compared this game to Lust For Darkness and Madmind Studios’ Agony. I can definitely see the similarities given that it looks like it takes the sort of walking simulator approach to storytelling, but it has interactive elements sprinkled throughout to keep the action and intensity intact.

These sorts of games don’t always fare well critically, and they’re usually modest commercial successes, but we’re beginning to see some indie developers step outside the box more and more often, including adult-oriented content in their titles while still trying to market the project as an actual game, sort of like Studio F.O.W.’s upcoming Subverse.

For now there’s a Steam store page that’s accessible for Sharp X Mind, but whether or not Valve will allow it to actually release is a whole other story. Eat People Not Animals’ ambitiously devilish title is due to drop at some point in 2019. You can visit the Steam page to learn more about the game.

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