SJW Fangirls Aspersed For Wanting Gomez Addams To Be Sexy In The Addams Family Animated Film
Addams Family

Ambassadors of Boner Culture – ahem, Lady Boner Culture – were accosted by the peons of the Social Justice brigade. Why? Well, the ladies expressed some discontent with how unattractive Gomez Addams looks in the upcoming CGI film for The Addams Family starring Oscar Isaac and Charlize Theron.

The battleground was set on April 9th, 2019. The trailer for The Addams Family dropped, featuring the general gist of MGM’s upcoming family film. You can view it below courtesy of Movieclips Trailers.

This was a complete antipodes depiction of what the fangirls had envisioned for Gomez. They were all thinking about the tall, lean, chiseled features of Oscar Isaac being represented in the CGI. Just the mention of his name had lips clammy, tongues curled, and everything in between their garter belts and the Gucci Millie open-toe heels turning moister than a Turkish bath house.

Yet Isaac was not what they got in the trailer… not by a long shot.

However, the disappointment of seeing Gomez as a short, fat, stubbly little toad of a man had dried up all the anticipation like an open clam under an Arctic sun.

The Mary Sue’s Rachel Leishman was one of the first to make the argument somewhat noticeable, drawing the obvious comparison between real-life Oscar Isaac and the toady in the CGI film.

A few people were quick to point out to Leishman that the design of Gomez in the film is reminiscent to the original designs of the character.

This ended up turning into a bit of a back and forth, as fangirls of Isaac found themselves caught in quite the thick pickle.

In order to further drive home the point of her deepest desires laid bare regarding Isaac playing a fictional cartoon character in a live-action adaptation, Leishman actually blogged about it on The Mary Sue, like a teenage girl racing to her diary to jot down her latest day-dream trysts about the bad boy at school her father forbade her from hanging out with.

However, Leishman wasn’t alone in wanting Isaac to be the modern day visage of Gomez for The Addams Family film. Others from the rainbow coalition also joined in on the fray, hoping to convince audiences at large that perhaps the throwback to the classic design of Gomez wasn’t the best of ideas.

Dear Danny boy was quickly corrected on his desire to want to see Isaac as the embodiment of Gomez. Just like with Leishman, others were quick to pile into the thread to note that the “new” design is actually based on his original design from the cartoon print from back in the late 1930s.

Of course, there were still plenty of fangirls drooling over the idea of seeing Oscar Isaac in a live-action rendition of Gomez Addams or at least a CGI based on Oscar Isaac’s looks. This included randoms as well as other blue checkmarks, such as a contributors to IGN, Slashfilm, Rotten Tomatoes and even The Hollywood Reporter.

The hilarity of it all is that Social Justice Warriors have taken aim at the ladies (and some soy-fancying fops) for a couple of different reasons. Some have complained that obviously the depiction of Gomez in the movie is based on the original design of the character, and that they’re being true to the original artist’s vision with the throwback.

A few were incensed that fangirls were actually hoping that an animated character would be sexually attractive, and aired their frustrations at the concept.

Others, however, have turned it into a complaint about fat acceptance.

Yes, there are some Social Justice Warriors are angry that people are angry that Gomez isn’t slim and attractive, and therefore they see the disgruntlement and distaste of his design as people disrespecting those who are overweight.

That particular thread goes on for quite some time… and then a day or so more of debating with people about fat acceptance.

Anyway, the hilarity of it all is that this exact conversation happened before with She-Ra and the Princesses of Power and a bunch of SJW media outlets jumped down the throats of old-school fans for wanting the show to be more reminiscent of the classic series. We saw a similar reaction from SJWs toward both males and females who wanted the classic female costumes to be optional in Mortal Kombat 11, with the media and some YouTubers shouting down the requests as gamers just being “horny virgins”… even when some of the requests for the old sexy designs came from married women.

Now that the lube is in the other hole, I suppose the media will have to decide whether they’re going to defend SJW fangirls pining to see a hot Oscar Isaac on the screen, or if they will stick to their principles and bash the fangirls as being “horny incel losers” who want to sexualize a fictional character.

I think we already know the answer to that one.

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