Subverse Hits $1.2 Million With A Week To Go On Kickstarter

With well over 30,200 backers supporting the Subverse Kickstarter, the sexy-time RPG has managed to to hit $1.2 million on the crowdfunding platform. The game still has nine days to go before the campaign wraps up.

To be exact, the Kickstarter has currently hit $1,200,441 as of the writing of this article.

The game didn’t have the easiest time of getting to where it is, but it really had nothing to do with the game itself. You see, Studio F.O.W., was put between the cross-hairs of journalist Tim Pool because the game shares the exact same name as Pool’s Subverse, a news and information channel that he hopes to one day develop and expand into a multimedia brand.

After the game rocketed past its initial Kickstarter goal and went on to accumulate enough coin to meet its stretch goals, it eventually caught the attention of Pool, who made a video about his brief interaction with Studio F.O.W., and how they told him that if he wanted to get the name changed he would have to have a lawyer contact them.

So Pool made a video about how he retained a lawyer, filed for the trademark of Subverse, and did a short internet tour as the situation was blowing up, including stopping by Nick Rekieta’s YouTube channel to livestream about the controversy.

The Tim Pool versus Studio F.O.W., showdown did more to help the avant garde pornographers than it did the news channel, but overall a lot more people found out about both iterations of Subverse as the fallout spread across social media.

Pool’s channel gained a lot of followers and attention, and a heck of a lot of people began supporting the crowdfunding campaign for Subverse.

The game is now moving toward its potential release with a hefty development budget, a lot of gameplay scope to cover, plenty of waifus to romance, and a lot of momentum based purely on the market-driven desire from gamers to play a good game filled with sexy chicks.

If you want to see Subverse continue to expand and grow well beyond the limits of its digital belt buckle, you can contribute to the cause or learn more about the game by visiting the official Kickstarter page.

You can also learn more about the waifus in the game by visiting the official Studio F.O.W. website.

(Thanks for the news tip Mugen Tenshin)


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