Swords Of Gargantua, Realistic Co-op VR Sword Fighting Game Enters Second Closed Beta

Swords of Gargantua

Japanese publisher Gumi Inc., and developer Yomuneco announced that a second closed beta test is currently underway for the realistic, VR, cooperative sword-fighting game, Swords of Gargantua.

The closed beta test started at the end of March and will run up through April 7th on Sunday. This gives you a full week to hop into the game and play-test the mechanics, try out some of the weapons, and acclimate yourself to the cooperative combat arenas featured in the VR magic and melee game.

The objective is pretty simple: team up with three other friends and take on a variety of enemies across different stages, working together using native voice chat to work out your strategies and different tactics to overcome the odds. You can see what the gameplay is like with the beta trailer below.

So there are a couple of noteworthy caveats to make about this game in comparison to other VR titles. First of all, the game does not have floating weapons or disembodied hands. I hate that in other games, and here with Swords of Gargantua, you actually have a weapon attached to hands, and hands attached to a body. And speaking of bodies… this is another plus side to this game. You actually have a full kinematic player-model on-screen, not just a head and hands like in other multiplayer VR titles.

This player embodiment means that you have a better idea of the spatial awareness that comes with organizing your team and carrying out tactics, especially since you can’t float or clip through one another.

You’ll have a variety of different melee and magic attacks at your disposal, and much like other medieval VR games, the attacks are based on your swings. So the harder you swing the more powerful your attacks. But you also have to time your attacks properly because enemy AI will block, parry, and deflect your strikes, slashes, swipes, and swings.

After fighting through the different levels, you’ll eventually face off against the the Gargantua boss, where it will take all of your skills and teamwork in order to defeat him.

Specifically for the second closed beta the developers added some new features to the game, including the samurai sword and the club, along with a new combo system to amplify your damage after each consecutive attack. And they’ve added preset enemy waves based on how well teams perform throughout each level.

The full game will feature 100 campaign missions and 30 different weapons to unlock. You can learn more about the beta ot download the CBT client by visiting the official website.