ThatUmbrellaGuy’s Comic Book IndieGoGo Comes Under Fire From Comics Industry SJWs
Tale of the Littlest Umbrella

YouTuber ThatUmbrellaGuy decided to try his hand at creating a comic book with the help of longtime artist Keung Lee and Peter Gilmore. The project is called The Case of the Littlest Umbrella. It’s a horror tale for readers of all ages, but specifically it was made for ThatUmbrellaGuy’s daughter. The project is currently being crowdfunded through an IndieGoGo campaign, and has managed to rack up $22,785 in just a few days.

However, the project caught the eye (and ire) of other comic book professionals, especially since ThatUmbrellaGuy’s Lovecraftian tale managed to quickly surpass a Kickstarter project from longtime industry pros called Dead Beats. Both projects started around the same time, but as of the writing of this article, Dead Beats has only managed $14,000 of its $25,000 goal even though it features more than two dozen individuals from the comic book industry, including those within the SJW clique such as Magdalene Visaggio and Ren “Renfamous” Cooper, both of whom are outspoken antagonists of #ComicsGate.

YouTuber Eric Weathers did a video about the battle between ThatUmbrellaGuy and the comic book professionals butting heads in the crowdfunding sector.

The proverbial shots were fired at ThatUmbrellaGuy, who then responded in kind, which proceeded to devolve the situation into online slap fight. This eventually resulted in industry professionals like Marc Lombardi, who wrote the 2013 outing of The Dunes and Tales From Teh Abyss, and the aforementioned Renfamous, getting into a social media scuffle with ThatUmbrellaGuy, including mocking him for being a father.

YouTuber YellowFlash mentioned in a tweet that he heard through the grapevine that some of the anti-#ComisGate people were attempting to take down ThatUmbrellaGuy’s IndieGoGo.

However, some people began calling it a conspiracy theory, and that there were no organized attempts from comic book professionals to target ThatUmbrellaGuy or his IndieGoGo campaign. They began to shop around the idea that TUG was just using the controversy to gain some notoriety to boost up his own IndieGoGo campaign.

However, some of the people in the Twitter thread pointed out that Renfamous, indeed, has had a history of targeting #ComicsGate crowdfunding campaigns. In fact, user Rising of the Shield Hero provided a screencap of Renfamous actually singling out Richard C. Meyer’s, Ben Shapiro’s, and Ethan Van Sciver’s IndieGoGo campaigns back when they were trying to get their projects funded.

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Renfamous eventually jumped into the thread to claim that there were no attempts to take down TUG’s IndieGoGo campaign.

Someone did, however, remind Renfamous that the tactics that were previously employed against Richard C. Meyer and Ethan Van Sciver came from when Renfamous used to work for the Republican party, and that this was not unprecedented.

This is true.

The linked image in the tweet refers to another tweet made by Renfamous on July 20th, 2018, which was part of a thread discussing how to (or how not to) engage with #ComicsGate supporters.

The tweet is still live, too.

Obviously this doesn’t at all prove that Renfamous, Marc Lombardi or the others who were being indecorous toward ThatUmbrellaGuy were actually part of a Google hangout group, but it does give credence to the possibility of it happening.

That’s not to mention that the comic book professionals were caught several times before in private groups organizing harassment campaigns against Richard C. Meyer and his YouTube channel Diversity & Comics, as well as colluding to take down the Patreon accounts of #ComicsGate figureheads. So there is precedence for this happening.

There’s also been evidence of these supposed professionals trying to tortiously interfere with the business of #ComicsGate supporters, including going so far as to conspire to prevent Richard C. Meyer’s crowdfunded Jawbreakers from being distributed and sold at retailers.

ThatUmbrellaGuy also pointed out that the people rushing to Renfamous’ defense were also friends with the mercurial provocateur.

User PhoFun also pointed to old tweets from Renfamous taking shots at someone’s kid, as further proof that this has been an ongoing trend within the circle of SJW agitators.

ThatUmbrellaGuy was eventually invited onto the YouTube channel of Minnesota lawyer Nick Rekieta, where they talked about The Case of the Littlest Umbrella, as well as the back and forth social media battles that have been taking place involving the anti-#ComicsGate industry professionals.

This is all basically a retread of previous crowdfunding initiatives by #ComicsGate creatives who simply wanted to make something that was pozz-free and devoid of the Leftist propaganda that has overtaken majority of the mainstream media and big name comic book publishing houses.

Usually any time an independent creator tries to rally support, the comic book professionals come out of the wood works to yell “Racist!”, “Bigot!”, “Transphobe!” and “Sexist!” in order to turn the general public against the creator and shut down their creation. The idea is to gatekeep and prevent people from abandoning the status quo, all so that they can keep pushing the Social Justice Warrior agenda down people’s throats.

It’s become a tired and repetitive song and dance routine that has affected a lot of creators and demoralized a lot of comic book readers. Essentially anyone who steps out of line is castigated, and any one who doesn’t join the SJW side, like Alterna Comics founder Peter Simeti who wanted nothing to do with either side, is harassed into submission using bully tactics like SWATting.

In this case, ThatUmbrellaGuy is still holding firm and staying steadfast in his current objective.

If you want to support The Case of the Littlest Umbrella, you can do so by visiting the IndieGoGo page.

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