The Boys Uncensored Trailer Features Decapitations, Facesitting, And Exploding Heads
The Boys

Amazon’s adaptation of Garth Ennis’ The Boys graphic novel doesn’t just look true to the source material, it looks like it takes everything that was featured in the comic and then realizes it in a live-action format that is both disturbingly grotesque and darkly humorous. The latest uncensored trailer for the upcoming show features some visually graphic material that’s definitely not safe for work.

Bounding Into Comics spotted the trailer from the Amazon Prime channel on YouTube, and it’s basically a minute and a half of non-stop action. There’s a lot to unpack in the trailer, which sets up the basic premise of the show, where a CIA group known as The Boys are contracted to keep super powered beings in check by either exploiting them or blackmailing them into staying on the right side of the moral path.

You can check out the trailer below, which is obviously not safe for work.

Karl Urban is perfectly cast as the bruiser known as Billy “The Butcher”. He’s the one heading up the group along with a handful of others, as they keep track of evil deeds of the super heroes who seem to veer into the territory of being super villains.

Based on the trailer it looks like they’re going to keep all the raunchy, violent, over-the-top elements that were present in the comic book series. In the one sequence while that dude is giving that chick with the arm blades oral sex, she keeps squeezing on his head with her thighs until it goes pop. I didn’t see that coming.

The Boys - Facesitting Death

I wonder if the one pivotal plot point for the character Starlight will make it into the show or will they skip over that to keep it a little more… politically correct?

I’m also curious how they’re going to hand the Herogasm arc or will they just skip that entirely?

The show is definitely looking like it might live up to the original comic book series, and we can likely expect to find out just how authentic it is when The Boys airs on Amazon Prime starting July 26th.

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