Thrashers, Heavy Metal Alien Invasion Comic Thrashes On IndieGoGo

Writer Michael Johnston has teamed up with artist Jose Pares and colorist Rodrigo Ybanez for an old-school comic project called Thrashers. The comic book is about a group of punks who head to a concert in the summer of 1980, only to witness an alien invasion taking place.

The punks grab whatever weapons they can find and end up in a desperate fight for survival. The leader of the group, Mikey, ends up with a chain that has an open hook attached, which effectively turns it into a spiked whip. His friends grab crowbars and bats, as they attempt to hide and find safety during the invasion. They also end up making an uneasy alliance with the army during the invasion.

You can check out the punk-rock pitch video below to get an idea of what the art-style is aiming for.

It looks like an old-school indie comic from the 1980s.

Art-wise it definitely has that classic American feel to it, almost like the old Creepshow comics.

The character designs are pretty basic, and the aliens are kept out of frame, which I suppose works well enough if the goal is to build suspense and get people excited for the upcoming comic to see how it unfolds.

Thrashers - Alien Invasion

Unfortunately the IndieGoGo kind of leaves a lot to be desired as far as the scope and story is concerned. The goal of the comic seeks $7,500 to cover the cost of production, printing, and shipping, but it doesn’t really outline what makes Thrashers standout as a project worth backing other than that it’s kind of an old-school throwback project.

I suppose the better question is: why exactly should comic book fans be excited to back a project like Thrashers? Maybe if it had over the top violence or sex appeal or edgy politically incorrectness that was readily visible on the crowdfunding page it might make the project a little more enticing to some readers. Otherwise I suppose it’s just a general alien invasion story with some punk rockers in the role of the heroes.

If you want to check out the project for yourself you can do so by visiting the IndieGoGo project page. It currently has just nine days left on the campaign, so it doesn’t look like it’ll get funded this time around, unless a bunch of miracle backers step in to foot bill during this final stretch.

(Thanks for the news tip Rodrigo)


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