Traha, Mobile Action-RPG Lets You Make Some High Quality Waifus

Moia Games and Nexon’s Traha is officially available over in South Korea. The game features the typical non-targeting combat system, two warring factions going head-to-head, and the ability to make use of an Infinity Class system where you can change a character’s class based on the weapon they wield rather than the class you select at the start of the game. This means that you don’t have to keep making new characters to play different classes. This is also great because it means you can use your very detailed, and uber-sexy waifu to play any class you see fit whenever you want.

As pointed out by MMO Culture back in February, the game was scheduled to launch in Korea on April 18th. The game is currently live and now people are rolling out how-to videos, guides, and even some early looks at the awesome and highly detailed character creation system. You can check out a look at the character creator courtesy of YouTuber rendermax.

You can choose the basic starting head or choose from a preselected head. Once you get that done you can then modify the eye shape, the nose type and shape, the eyebrow style; the skin color, shine and highlight; the hair style, and hair color; the body type, the breast size, the arm thickness, her hip thickness, her thigh thickness, and finally a preview of how your waifu will look in different class outfits.

And yes, you can make women of all different shapes and sizes, with all different degrees of sex appeal… including those of you who like living on the dangerous side. This means that you can make your 1,012 year old lolis.

Traha - Character Creation

To really help add some sugar and spice to the character creator is the accessories. As you can see it’s possible to add glasses, masks, and even bunny ears to a character. So yes, you can create a catgirl with a little bit of tweaking and modifying of the hair and accessories.

I might dare say that Traha’s character creator might rival Pearl Abyss’ Black Desert Online when it comes to customization details and the depth of variety.

Now if you’re actually interested in playing the game and creating your very own waifu, you can check out the gameplay trailer below to see if it’s your cup of tea.

How To Download Traha For Free

Like it? Want to play it? Well, if you’re outside of Korea you can’t… not normally, anyway.

You can attempt to get the game from the Google Play store or the iTunes App Store, but barring those options you can download the APK for Traha directly from

Now due to regional IP blocks, if you want to play the game on your PC without loading it onto your phone you can actually do so via the Bluestacks mobile emulator.

You can download the hefty program from over on the Bluestacks website.

If you need help on setting up Bluestacks to run Traha, you can do so by checking out the tutorial over on the Naver Bluestacks page.

As mentioned, Traha is currently available right now for Android and iOS devices for gamers in South Korea. So far Nexon has made no announcements about porting the game overseas.


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