Trine 4 Covers Up Zoya And Hides Her Feminine Sensuality
Trine 4

New footage of Trine 4 was recently released, showcasing 11 minutes of gameplay. Some character art also made its way around the web, revealing what resident femme fatale Zoya is wearing for the fourth outing, and her outfit wasn’t very revealing at all.

Zoya’s art change obviously wasn’t all that noticeable when Frozenbyte and Modus Games first announced Trine 4 back on March 1st, 2019. The actual in-game models were tough to make out in the short six second clip, and the only thing we saw of the characters was on the splash art for the covers, which isn’t entirely indicative of actual in-game character models.

However, with IGN posting up 11 minutes of gameplay footage that DSO Gaming spotted, we were able to get a better look at Zoya’s in-game model and compare her to her previous iterations, and oh boy did they cover her up well.

At the 10:51 mark you’ll notice that Zoya finally steps into the screen for a full body shot, and we get to see her outfit a lot more clearly than how it appears in the splash, where it’s pretty obvious she’s wearing black leather pants.

NeoGaf user cormack12 was one of the first to point out the drastic change in Zoya’s in-game model, comparing it to the Nightingale armor from Skyrim.

He’s not entirely wrong. Just check out the comparison below between Zoya in Trine 3 and Zoya in Trine 4.

Trine 3 vs Trin 4 - Zoya

The new outfit for Zoya not only puts her on pants but it also completely hides her cleavage, too. Her arms are more covered up and her legs are not quite as long as before. Her white robe also drapes over the front of her legs to mostly hide her shape as opposed to accentuating it.

They also pulled up her arm sleeves, so she’s showing very, very little skin. In fact, the only skin now exposed is a little bit of her shoulders, her face, and her fingers. If she were wearing a mask she would practically be Sharia compliant.

But this should have been made clear from the new splash art that Frozenbyte was going to completely get rid of her visually sensual characteristics from the previous games, especially Trine 2. Just check out the comparison between the promotional art of Zoya from Trine 2 and her art from Trine 4.

Trine 2 - Zoya Art


What’s really odd is that they basically completely changed her ethnicity. She seems to have a more East Asian-influenced look to her aesthetic. Instead of wearing bustier, she now has a red and black uwagi underneath the robe in Trine 4, with bracers and designs that seem to mimic more of a ninja than a Middle-Eastern rogue.

Zoya had an almost tribal Persian motif in the first two games, with the chiffon veil over her face, the wild hair, the bare feet, and the bustier with plenty of cleavage on display. They definitely went with a more modest look for her in Trine 3, mirroring her outfit somewhat on Ezio’s Assassin’s Creed 2 getup. However, her iconic bare legs were still on display in Trine 3, something that was completely removed in Trine 4.

Obviously there are going to be some people using the excuse “They just wanted a more realistic art-style!”, which is the excuse that some Mortal Kombat fans have been using to justify NetherRealm Studios nearly covering up all the women in Mortal Kombat 11 while leaving the men shirtless or pantsless.

Others, I imagine, will use the excuse that it’s wrong to add any kind of sensual characteristics to a fictional character, but a bunch of SJW fangirls sure seemed to want Gomez Addams in the upcoming The Addams Family animated film to retain the kind of svelte sex appeal that Oscar Isaac oozes.

In this case, though, Zoya has always had a bit of that femme fatele sex appeal about her – for the last three games, I might add – but Modus Games and Frozenbyte decided to do away with that for Trine 4.

Hopefully they’ll have an alternate outfit option available for Zoya for those who enjoyed her feminine wiles being on display. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with baring a little leg… the men in Mortal Kombat 11 seem to do it in spades, so why not the one female in Trine 4?

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