Twitch Indefinitely Suspended User D_Trump_Apprentice69 Because The Username Was “Hate Speech”
Twitch Ban

Back in 2011 user D_Trump_Apprentice69 created his account on the streaming service back when it was first getting off the ground. However, last year back in July of 2018, the user was banned because Twitch determined that his name was “Violence Against Others and/or Hate Speech”.

SummitNews picked up the story from a tweet that was put out recently by Keemstar on April 28th, 2019.

The tweet references a comment that was made in a Reddit thread on the League of Legends sub related to a completely different user that was banned on Twitch. In the comment section, however, Reddit user Teape revealed that their account was also banned for a ridiculous reason. Back on April 25th, 2019 Teape wrote…

“I know this is very divisive what I am about to say, and regardless of how you stand you should look at this neutrally, but I have never been racist or hateful on twitch, and I got perma banned for “hate speech” because my name had Donald Trump in it. What a great company where they ban someone for saying “idiot” or having a name with a President in it but can’t admit maybe they are wrong or over reached. Which really sucks because on multiple channels I had 1 million+ bit badges and follow times of 7+ years. Also I made my username back in 2011 before Trump even thought of running for context. Getting punished for like the Apprentice apparently.”

Teape also delivered the proof of purchase, showing the receipt from the Twitch support staff who explained by e-mail exactly why he was banned.

If you’re unable to read the message in the image, it states…

“Your account D_Trump_Apprentice69 was indefinitely suspended for using an inappropriate username. This type of activity is not permitted on our services per our Terms of Service and our Community Guidelines regarding Violence Against Others and/or Hate Speech.”

So they considered a reference to Trump as “Hate Speech” against others.

The Twitch support staff noted that they unsuspended his IP address but the username would remain suspended.

You can actually find the username still on, but there’s no content there and no clips present.

Multiple users asked Teape if he attempted to appeal the ban, and he states that he’s been trying to appeal for the last year, but to no avail…

“I actually did. Which I got the reply that my name is against the TOS because it is hate speech. I have tried appealing it every 2 weeks since for a year and just get no replies back from Twitch. Their loss, I was buying 100-200k bits a week.”

Twitch doesn’t discuss bans or suspensions with anyone other than the account holder, so there’s no way to know if someone at Twitch messed up, was purposefully misinterpreting the terms of service in order to ban the user, or if they’re just cracking down on any outward Trump supporters.

Either way, this fits in line with Twitch’s Regressive Left ideology that they’ve been ensuing recently, which includes banning users for off-site behavior, banning users for their political views, and banning games that SJWs don’t like.

In this case, they can also ban you for having a username that they retroactively label as “hate speech”.

(Thanks for the news tip Quickshooter)


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