Vic Mignogna Sues Funimation, Jamie Marchi, Monica Rial, Ronald Toye For $1 Million

Vic Mignogna Lawsuit

The #KickVic group have been repeatedly claiming that there were no lawsuits being filed and that Vic Mignogna’s career was done for in the anime industry. Well, they were completely wrong about the lawsuit, because the star of Dragon Ball Super: Broly filed a $1 million suit on April 18th, 2019 against Funimation, voice actresses Jamie Marchi and Monica Rial, as well as Ronald Toye. Vic Mignogna basically just went Super Saiyan on the #KickVic instigators.

Bounding Into Comics picked up the news about the lawsuit and did a detailed overview of the contents, which you can read through if you don’t have time to read the actual legal brief.

There was also a livestream that was conducted by Minnesota lawyer Nick Rekieta on his YouTube channel. The livestream covered the contents of the lawsuit as well as why Mignogna filed it and what he was aiming to get out of it, as well as discussed some of the details with Mignogna’s lawyer, Ty Beard.

Details of the lawsuit were made available for download over on Scribd.

There are some very interesting details in the lawsuit. For instance, it points out how a lot of this mess got started with a couple of tweets that were retweeted by Monica Rial made by Kaylyn “Marzgurl” Saucedo, accusing Vic Mignogna of sexual misconduct. This was echoed in tweets by Jamie Marchi and what the lawsuit deems as “Funimation agents”, until the tweets went viral using the hashtag #KickVic.

Most people know how the story goes from there.

However, what a lot of people probably didn’t know was that a week after the #KickVic hashtag came about, a Sony executive, Tammi Denbow, contacted Vic Mignogna about launching an investigation into the claims. Denbow allegedly told Mignogna that the investigation was confidential, but Rial, Toye, and others began broadcasting across social media that Mignogna was a “predator”. This was exacerbated by Left-wing media sites looking to castigate Mignogna and drag him through the mud, such as Anime News Network, who was caught a couple of times using fabricated information to paint Mignogna as a predator.

As noted in the brief, there was a rapid ripple effect of anime conventions canceling Mignogna’s appearances. This was followed by the February 11th, 2019 announcement from Funimation that Mignogna had been fired.

The document states…

“In fact, Ronald (a Funimation agent or employee) has tweeted more than 80 times that Vic sexually assaulted or assaulted Monica, more than 10 times that Vic sexually assaulted or assaulted three of his ‘very close friends,’ more than 10 times that Vic has been accused of hundreds and possibly thousands of assaults, and at least 17 times that Vic is a ‘predator.’”

The suit alleges that defamation was carried out by the individuals involved, consisting of “fraudulent, malicious” and “wanton” disregard of Mignogna. The suit is also claiming that tortious interference with prospective business relations occurred, along with civil conspiracy.

Mignogna is basically looking for over $1 million in relief, with added punitive damages for the defamation and tortious interference set to take place during trial.

This is still a long ways off from any sort of resolution, so Rekieta is keeping the GoFundMe page alive, as they intend to keep racking up cash for Mignogna to bring more charges against additional defendants.

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