Weekly Recap April 13th: UK Wants To Censor Internet, Kotaku Gets Sold, Red Dead 2 SJW Agenda

Weekly Recap

This was a rocky week for sure. Some highlights of the week in favor of anti-SJWs came in the form of Gizmodo and its subsidiaries, including Kotaku and Jezebel, being sold to Great Hills Partners for a fraction of what Univision paid for the properties. What becomes of them is anyone’s guess, but they’re now going be shuffled under the G/O Media label (for better or for worse).

What’s definitely for the worse is that the United Kingdom is building a regulator for the entire internet, not just YouTube or Facebook, but for every major social media service, search engine, and forum board. If you host or post content they don’t like, they can fine you for it if you don’t take it down or completely block your website at the ISP level. And speaking of blocks, Google got caught out in a shadow ban scheme thanks to a leaked memo that revealed that the company has been putting websites on a naughty list. Also, American Krogan did an hour long video outlining the SJW agenda in Red Dead Redemption 2, which is definitely worth a watch. These stories and oh so much more in this April 13th, 2019 edition of the Weekly Recap.


U.K. Government Wants To Censor The Whole Internet

The U.K. Government is establishing a central regulator body that will aim to censor search engines, social media, and forums all across the net in a bid to prevent kids from experiencing “harmful content”. Judgment could find its way onto the Steam store or the Epic Games Store depending on what Sega deliberates following the release on the PS4 this June. A New York play called Excavation got called out for its anti-white racism, and the website hosting the casting and staff jobs had to excise some of the more discriminatory elements from the job listing. Nick Fuentes ended up getting banned from Twitch.tv after he had a debate with far-Left Liberal SJWs. And Valve purposefully went out of their way to stifle the review bombing taking place on Steam for Borderlands games in a bid to keep people from protesting the Borderlands 3 exclusivity on the Epic Games Store.


Kotaku Gets Bought Out By Great Hill Partners

We’re not sure what the future of Kotaku is, but it’s certainly not going to be moving forward under the Univision label. Great Hill Partners bought out Kotaku and the other Gizmodo brands and have stuffed them under the G/O Media label. Ubisoft manages to do it again! The company managed to downgrade the Assassin’s Creed 3: Remastered edition in ways that most people didn’t even think possible. American Krogan did a lengthy hour long video breaking down some of the SJW propaganda within Red Dead Redemption 2, and the crazy part is that he didn’t even get all of it! The FTC’s workshop on loot boxes is set to get underway on August 7th later this year. And Inside Gaming’s editor-in-chief apologized for a video they did stating that Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice didn’t need an easy mode.


Nu-Males Try To Mansplain To Female Gamers Why Need To Accept Mortal Kombat 11’s Soycism

A bunch of nu-males decided to take female gamers to task because they spoke up and said that they think the women in Mortal Kombat 11 don’t look sexy enough. Yes, we are in that weird space where men are telling women what they can’t like in a fighting game when it comes to wanting options for playing sexy female fighters. In meme culture news, Sonic’s official Twitter account took a nice, big, steaming hot dump on game journalists whining about Sekiro’s difficulty. Digital Extremes finally decided to address some of the chaos and community clutter taking place within their ranks, and they excised the Guides to the Lotus Program, along with opened up their own official Discord server. The 10th episode of Sword Art Online Alicization aired on Toonami, and it was hilariously even more censored than the Crunchyroll airing. The current movie synopsis for Akira doesn’t sound too hot, with Kaneda and Tetsuo being made brothers and the entire movie being set in a post-apoc New York. And some new details have dropped for Jedi: Fallen Order.


Google Has Been Shadow Banning “Problematic” Websites

Apparently Google has been shadow banning “problematic” websites that engage in “hate speech” and “conspiracy theories” and other kinds of content that certain SJWs at Google don’t like. Some fangirls got all clammy and moist over the possibility of seeing Oscar Isaac in the upcoming Addams Family movie, only for it to turn out that he’s playing a CGI character in an animated film, which created a hilarious battleground of SJWs versus fangirl SJWs duking it out. Spike Chunsoft is deleting and censoring threads discussing and challenging the censorship in Zanki Zero and Crystar. And Bulimia.com has advocated for super heroes to look fat and out of shape to appeal to “average” Americans. And Sony finally enabled the ability to change your PSN ID but it comes at a great risk.


PUBG Banned In Nepal

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been banned in Nepal by the Telecommunications Authority, so no one at any point can play the game in the country. Ubisoft apologized to the perpetually offended for graffiti art in The Division 2 that had the leet phrase “FA6607” on the cop’s badge on the mural. Google banned the Dissenter extension from the Chrome web store, claiming that the extension hosted “hate speech”. Ubisoft got caught allowing third-parties to fondle the data of user accounts, which they got called out for. A PR rep for Ubisoft fired back saying that they don’t allow third-parties to violently fondle user data, but not everyone believes them. A school in Spain has banned 200 classic books from the library because they believed they contained “sexist” and “toxic” gender stereotypes. And on the subject of sexism, Trine 4 decided to cover up the only playable female character in the game, making her more masculine and less sexy, identical to what NetherRealm Studios did to Kitana in Mortal Kombat 11. And Shenmue 3 will have a non-linear open-world story progression feature where players will be able to move the story forward without following linear pathways.

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