Weekly Recap April 20th: PS5 Specs And Censorship, Tim Pool Vs Subverse, James Bond Gets Woke
Weekly Recap

It looks like April wants to round out in an action-packed way. This week was a full course meal of social justice depravity, censorship confirmation, and the continued subversion of popular media.

Some of the biggest stories of the week was Sony revealing some details about the PS5 in order to cover up a Wall Street Journal exclusive that confirmed that the PS4 censorship policies were put into place to accommodate the #MeToo era and protect “young people”.

We also saw journalist Tim Pool retaining a lawyer to go head to head against Studio F.O.W., over the sexy-time game Subverse. And some reports are indicating that James Bond is shedding his balls, dropping his testosterone, and taking the estrogen pills to embrace his new woke persona under the writing credits of a feminist who was brought in to make Bond 25 more “hip”, more “modern”, and reportedly more attuned to the #MeToo era. These brain-busting stories and more in this April 20th, 2019 edition of the Weekly Recap.


Tim Pool Vs Studio F.O.W.

The biggest battle to take place between video games and YouTube content creators isn’t over a suicide forest, or a lasagna music video, or a terrible compilation of cringe, it’s actually unfolding between journalist Tim Pool and porn-makers Studio F.O.W., over the hotly anticipated Subverse. Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment unveiled a new trailer for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and there are already people on ResetEra complaining about the game starring a straight white male. The developers at Mode 7 Games decided to publicly come out against Sargon of Akkad after he was announced as a candidate for the UKIP, and they were also five years late to the party of wrongly denouncing #GamerGate. The Austrian government has drafted a proposal seeking to remove anonymity from the internet, specifically major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and even major forum boards. And speaking of government censorship, the Iraq government wants a nationwide ban on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds because they say it incites youth to commit violence. And leaks for the disc-free version of the Xbox One has potentially leaked… and it’s looking kind of mediocre.


Twitch Bans Thot For Cosplaying A Black Character

Even thots aren’t safe from the ban hammer of political correctness. One cosplayer was temporarily banned from Twitch for cosplaying as Lifeline from Apex Legends. The reasoning behind the ban was that coloring your skin tone is considered “hateful”. Sony may be automatically changing PSN IDs if they contain “inappropriate” or “offensive” content, and while it may seem innocuous the downside is that it could result in your game library getting scuttled. Netflix has come out against Chick Flicks, saying that people should no longer be allowed to say “Chick Flicks” anymore. Reddit quarantined Sargon of Akkad’s community for having “shocking” or “highly offensive” content”. Game Informer has finally bit the dust… in Australia. In lieu of the budgets at GameStop the game magazine in Australia is being shelved.


PS5 Specs Detailed Along With PS4 Censorship Policies

We learned more about the censorship policies being employed by Sony, but they attempted to cover it up by also releasing some new details about the PlayStation 5 to Wired. But gamers aren’t entirely that gullible and they managed to take Sony to task for censoring innocent Japanese games. Microsoft detailed their E3 2019 Xbox press conference, which will get underway on June 9th, 2019. Mortal Kombat 11 has been revealed to be always-on, forcing players to connect to the internet in order to access the Krypt, unlock characters, and even earn customizable gear parts for the characters.


James Bond Gets Woke

There’s a huge story about 007: James Bond 25 regarding a feminist writer being hired to rework the upcoming film to modernize it for the #MeToo era. It’s safe to say that fans absolutely abhor this change, because they’re basically trying to emasculate Bond. Trion Worlds’ Atlas Reactor didn’t live for very long and it’s being shut down this June. The U.K’s AgeID verification system was originally supposed to go live on April 1st, but they’ve confirmed that it’s now being delayed to July 15th. A couple of games have been banned from Steam, including an Illusion Soft title, along with Monster Mashing Deluxe. And the EU has a new initiative called Eunomia, which is basically a social credit system for the Fediverse.


City Of Heroes Returns From The Dead

Hoping to get a little bit of insight into the mindset of Vic Mignogna as he was working on Dragon Ball Super: Broly? Well, you won’t be able to because Funimation removed him from the extras menu. To make matters worse, they falsely advertised that he would be in the extras on places like Amazon and Crunchyroll. You know what else was removed? Illusion’s Koikatu. The game was aced from the Steam store. One thing that a lot of people wish was aced, was Sheeva’s hideous looks in Mortal Kombat 11, with the four-armed pugilists taking on the visage of a hefty Charles Barkley in bad cosplay. There’s also a remake of XIII on the way, due out for release on home consoles and PC later this year. City of Heroes is making a return to form via private servers after the server files were released to the public via Discord. Hopefully NCSoft doesn’t get involved, otherwise the game is going kaput again. And finally, No Game No life‘s TCG card pack was released but 15 of the cards were heavily censored for the international release in English.


Vic Mignogna Sues Funimation And #KickVic’ers For $1 Million

The first wave of legal documents have gone out, and it looks like the man with unstoppable anime muscles will be handing out some mean financial combos to Funimation, Monical Rial, Jamie Marchi, and Ronald Toye. Vic Mignogna is gunning for $1 million in relief, plus extras in punitive damages. In the Weeb Wars, Vic Strikes Back. CinemaBlend Games decided to get woke and it went broke. SJWs went crazy going after Nintendo because they removed some of the Trans Rights stages from the community hub in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. SJWs are now complaining about the censorship after they spent years foisting those same censorship policies on normal people. And Kotaku UK got dragged through the mud by its own audience for willfully misrepresenting a story about a song that was part of the Persona 5DLC forSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate. The glorious outrage bait backfired and Kotaku’s own audience began calling them racist against Japanese.


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