Weekly Recap April 27th: Mortal Kombat 11 Gets Woke While Dead Or Alive 6 Is Going Broke
Weekly Recap

It looks like April will not go quietly into the night, and will instead usher in its final week with a bang, a bullet, and a big enough explosion to make the 1958 Enewetak nuke test look like a burrito fart from an overweight tomato picker in a 1972 Ford Pinto. May obviously won’t be starting with sweet nothings being whispered into the ears of those of us who would like nothing more than a little bit of respite from the rebarbative madness of the Social Justice Warrior inquisitors. Instead, it appears May will be overwhelmed with April’s bullcrap like a Vampirella cosplayer stuck at a Magic: The Gathering tournament set inside of a bingo hall with no air conditioning and a whole bunch of greasy-palmed, sweaty-necked, white knights.

The Social Justice nonsense got started this week with a PS4 gamer getting temporarily suspend on PSN, removing his ability to access his digital games all because he engaged in Sony’s definition of “hate speech”. We also learned more about Sony’s idiotic censorship policies, which is done on a case-by-case basis by a censorship officer, and there are no set rules in place so it’s whatever the officer feels like that day. Oh yeah, and there’s a ton of news about Mortal Kombat 11 getting woke, while Dead or Alive 6 goes broke, CringeAnarchy getting nuked, and journalists being called out for the Socialists that they are. All this and so much more in this April 27th, 2019 edition of the Weekly Recap.

PS4 Gamer Loses Access To Digital Games Due To “Hate Speech”

Sony temporarily banned a user from the PlayStation Network, which resulted in him losing access to his digital library on the PS4. The reason he was temp-banned? For “Hate speech”. The DLC roster for Mortal Kombat 11 was allegedly leaked, and it includes a few familiar names along with a guest character in the format of the… Terminator? And on the subject of Mortal Kombat 11, it appears Jax’s Tower Ending sees the American soldier getting woke for Wakanda. South Korea will be investigating certain anti-consumer measures in the gaming industry by having the FTC look into them, including refunds for microtransactions and predatory in-app purchases. And a female project manager at Microsoft decided to tell off their CEO by explaining that forced diversity hires is not helping the company but is actually ruining it, and to stop it because men and women are biologically different.

Crystal Dynamics DMCAs Shadow of the Tomb Raider Nude Mod

A Shadow of the Tomb Raider nude mod called Booty Edition from JOSTAR has been causing quite the ruckus. The mod was super popular before it was taken down from NexusMods, but a hero managed to re-upload it to NexusMods, only for Crystal Dynamics to DMCA it. Warner Bros., went on a copyright spree against people talking about how woke Jax’s ending was from Mortal Kombat 11. New details emerged for Cyberpunk 2077’s gameplay mechanics and gunplay. Team Ninja decided to add a toggle switch to Dead or Alive 6 that actually covers up the girls’ cleavage, butts, and thighs. It seems to be a common trend in the censorship circles these days. There’s also an anti-game journalist review of Sekiro that’s worth checking out for a few keks.

Sony Makes Up The Censorship Policies As They Go Along

If you were expecting Sony’s censorship policies to have legitimate ru,les think again. A representative confirmed to Game*Spark that there are no rules in place. A censorship officer does the evaluating and regulates the game accordingly. Mortal Kombat 11 is the best selling game in the franchise history, but it’s happening while lots of people are complaining about tons of major issues with the game. DC Comics and Walmart have been censoring reprints of Michael Turner’s Superman comics, covering up the ladies’ butts and thighs. Apex Legends is failing faster than an old-man’s erection, with the interest being way, way, way down with each passing week and influencers abandoning the game like a bunch of low-class travelers on the Titantic got abandoned. And SJWs have been seething about seeing Kasumi’s thighs in the upcoming Persona 5: The Royal, begging Atlus to censor the game.

Dead or Alive Sales Tank

Reddit decided to shut down the CringeAnarchy sub, citing that the sub engaged in the encouragement of violence for being politically incorrect and against Social Justice Warriors. Many of them migrated over to Voat to continue doing what they do best. And on the subject of Reddit, Rick Fox decided to depart from Echo Fox over a shareholder making racist comments about him and Jace Hall, but the Reddit League of Legends sub-reddit isn’t having any of it and have censored the news from spreading. And in a strange twist, the Nepalese supreme court actually reversed a country-wide ban on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds by citing that the ban was unconstitutional. The PS5 supposedly won’t be launching within the next 12 months, according to a Wall Street Journal report. Dead or Alive 6 sales have tanked pretty badly, getting out of the starting gate in piss poor shape, and even selling less than what Dead or Alive 5 did on fewer platforms and lesser exposure. And the developers of Satisfactory have claimed that they only sold nine copies on the Epic Games Store, but some people believe they’re just trolling.

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