Weekly Recap April 6th: Vic Mignogna’s Comeback, Facebook Wants More Censorship, DMC 5 Uncensored
Weekly Recap

What a wild first week of April was. We saw a number of crazy stories drop, from longtime Sony executive Kaz Hirai officially announcing his retirement in June, to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg calling on government regulators and big tech to centralize censorship. We saw Capcom drop a patch to uncensor the North, South, and Central American version of Devil May Cry 5, and we found out that Borderlands 3 will be a timed exclusive on the Epic Games Store.

Things took a turn for the better later in the week when another one of the accusations against Vic Mignogna turned out to get debunked, and it turns out that a ton of fans are intent on supporting Vic at local conventions, with the Bubba Fest being one of the first to note that tons of people have purchased tickets to support Mignogna at the events. All of these crazy stories and more in this April 6th, 2019 edition of the Weekly Recap.


Kaz Hirai Retiring From Sony In June

It’s officially the end of an era. Former Sony Corp., CEO Kaz Hirai will officially retire from the company come June 18th, 2019. After all the falsehoods and allegations were bore to the light of truth, it turns out that anime conventions are now seeking to bring in the hotly talked about voice actor Vig Mignogna, with a handful of conventions inviting him back to their shows. The /r/Games/ sub-reddit decided to get woke and proselytize to gamers a bunch of silliness about “being better” while promoting far Left murder organizations like Planned Parenthood and a bunch of pro-feminist bullcrap, all while censoring and silencing gamers from talking back against their agitprop. Speaking of censorship, Twitter was caught censoring the Conservative pro-life film Unplanned by suspending the account for no reason and then allowing the algorithm to systemically remove (and keep removing) all of the account’s followers. A crazy lady on Change.org started a petition that garnered 48,000 signatures from people who want YouTube to delete PewDiePie’s account because they fear it “normalizes” white supremacy. And a French-Canadian organization has started up its second annual Antifa Game Jam.


Facebook Calls For Government Censorship And Regulation

After a little bit of good news at the start of the week, Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg decided to take a dump all over that when he called on a central regulation body of the government and big tech to censor “harmful content”. Sony has amended their refund policy allowing gamers to refund digital games, DLC, and add-ons… so long as you don’t download them. Amid all the stupid clown world news there was at least the positive news in the form of Devil May Cry 5 being uncensored in the West on the PS4… except for some parts of Europe and Australia. And speaking of the Earth’s bunghole… New Zealand decided to confiscate guns as part of a new legislative ban on semi-automatic firearms, which is set to go into effect on April 11th, 2019.


Game Journalists Complain Sekiro Needs An Easy Mode

Game journalists have been complaining that Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice needs an Easy Mode because it’s too hard for them. What’s hilarious though is that a quadriplegic managed to beat the game before most game journalists did! Teresa Nielsen, an accomplished lesbian Mormon artist who has been working on Magic: The Gathering for the last 25 years, has been dragged through the mud by Social Justice Warriors for liking and following Conservatives on Twitter. The moderators of /r/Games/ turned out to be anti-gamer advocates, going into a bunch of anti-gaming threads to virtue signal how much they dislike gamers. BioWare also took some cheap shots at Kotaku after they were exposed for having a corrupt development culture fostered by EA’s corruption. And Valve forced the developers of Food Girls to remove a loli character from the all-ages version of the game.


Borderlands 3 Will Be A Timed Exclusive On Epic Games Store

Borderlands 3 will reportedly be a timed exclusive on the Epic Games Store, even against the wishes of some of the developers at Gearbox Software. It looks like GameStop’s run is nearing an end as the company posted massive losses throughout 2018 and investors aren’t happy. Jesus Strikes Back gets updated with a New Zealand mission and Brent T., as a new playable character, all while journalists continue to call for the game to get ban and push for a petition to have it removed from the internet. Teen Vogue spiked an op-ed because it refused to blame “toxic masculinity” and “misogyny” for the spat of recent school shootings in America.


Prince Harry Wants Fortnite Banned

Hello, Goodbye is coming back to Steam, but it may be censored when it finally does return. Buckingham’s own Prince Harry wants Fortnite no longer allowed to be played by kids who seem to be addicted to the game. Netflix unveiled the casting for the live-action Cowboy Bebop, and it’s as bad as you expected, filled with “diversity”. And both Twilight Princess and Wind Waker could be headed to the Nintendo Switch as HD remasters. Also the CBLDF came out against the United Nations for attempting to classify animated cartoons and drawings of what they consider to be “minors” as illegal.


Blizzard Bans Okay Hand Gesture

Blizzard has banned arena audience members from throwing up the “Okay” hand because they claim that the gesture is a symbol of white supremacy. A petition has started to convince NetherRealm to add sexy outfits to the upcoming Mortal Kombat 11, but most people don’t expect the outfits to make an appearance in the ‘M’-rated fighting game. The developers of Jaws of Extinction removed the game’s nudity and censorship option, claiming that the feature was pointless and they don’t want people playing just for the nudity. Epic Games Store will continue to grab exclusivity deals, regardless of what promises the developers made to Steam users. And the CMA is currently investigating whether it’s fair to have the auto renewal features for PSN, Xbox Live and Nintendo Network subscriptions in place, and where to or not it’s fair to consumers.

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