Wolfpack Has Players Cooperatively Manning German U-Boats In Historically Accurate WW2 Sim


Usurpator AB and Subsim recently released the game Wolfpack into Early Access on Steam. It sees players taking on the role of a crew of U-boat operators during World War II, as you battle against convoys of merchants, destroyers, and heavily armed corvettes.

The intent of the game is to bring a historically accurate depiction of U-boat simulation warfare from World War II to life for today’s gamers, giving them a look into the claustrophobic, and tactical-team oriented combat that was required to be successful in missions back in the day.

The full version of the game will feature a co-op campaign mode following the U-boat warfare between 1939 and 1945. Players will take on the role of a German U-boat crew, fighting through iconic events and missions based on real life, including the infiltration of Scapa Flow.

At the moment, players can work together manning a type VII-C U-boat, operated by real players. The developers at Usurpator took on the painstaking task of recreating all the real-life instruments and panels from the German U-boat, and attempted to maintain as much realism as possible. This includes using the hydrophone to examine and filer out auricular cues to locate enemy ships, as well as send and receive encrypted radio messages using the infamous enigma machine, and making use of the TDC to manually navigate and track down enemy ships.

The game is intricate to infinitesimal details, attempting to not only bring historical simulation to life for today’s generation of gamers, but historical accuracy as well. This is something that Electronic Arts and DICE wholeheartedly abandoned with Battlefield V in pursuit of pushing the SJW agenda.

If you’re still leery about Wolfpack, you can see some unedited footage of the game, courtesy of TortugaPower.

You get a glimpse of how the crew has to really work together to keep the U-boat operational, hunting down a convoy, and attempting to get out of the battle in one piece.

It reminds me of a hardcore sim version of Ubisoft’s Star Trek: Bridge Crew.

The game is still far out from release, but they do have plans on implementing bots to replace absent players during missions so that you can play the single-player campaign offline, as well as in-game VOIP, additional enemy aircraft, escorts with radar, escorts with hedgehogs/squids, better radar equipment for the U-boat, active sonar equipment, and dedicated server support.

If you want to learn more about Wolfpack and the ambitiously designed World War II naval simulator, you can do so by visiting the Steam store page, where the game is currently available for purchase in Early Access for $34.99.

(Thanks for the news tip Neal)

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