After I Met That Catgirl Heads To Kickstarter On May 29th With Free Playable Demo
After I Met That Catgirl

Rascal Devworks announced that the yuri visual novel-RPG After I Met That Catgirl, My Questlist Got Too Long! will be arriving on Kickstarter this week. Specifically it will go live on May 29th.

But it’s not just a crowdfunding campaign that they’re tossing out to gamers on May 29th, they also have a free demo planned to go live on that day as well. The demo will feature four in-game days worth of content, an introduction to the main character’s story, a look at the turn-based RPG combat system, some of the visual novel-style character interactions, 15 different quests, and the first phase of bonding with each of the girls featured in the demo.

You’ll be able to download the demo starting May 29th from over on the Steam store page.

As for the game itself, it centers around a warrior named Vera who notices that a thunderbolt strikes a tree and a catgirl emerges, claiming to hail from “London”. The story unfolds around the various characters you’ll encounter while attempting to discover how the catgirl came to be. The game will feature more than 100 different quests to complete, a full battle system, interrogation missions, and fetch quests.

You can get an idea of what the art and characters are like with the trailer below.

Given that the main character is female and all her companions are female… the game’s romance options are exclusively yuri.

You’ll be able to hook up with the catgirl Téa, an elf named Reniel, an alchemist named Sunny, or pound grass with the rogue Lyra.

I wonder if Kickstarter or Steam will give the developers problems given that all the females look super hot and are actually attractive? Various games in the past have been nuked from Steam or cancelled from Kickstarter for being too sexy, or triggering the curators because they hate hot women. Hopefully Rascal Devworks doesn’t run into any of those kind of issues.

As mentioned, you’ll be able to check the game out for yourself come May 29th, when both the demo and the Kickstarter campaign go live.


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