Amélie Wen Zhao Will Release Blood Heir In November Following SJW Outrage Campaign
Blood Heir

Young adult novelist Amélie Wen Zhao originally cancelled her book Blood Heir back in January of 2019 following a barrage of harassment from Social Justice Warriors who claimed her book was racist and was insensitive toward the history of slavery. Well, after convening with “sensitivity readers”, Zhao will be releasing Blood Heir this November.

The New York Times is reporting that Zhao has made some revisions to the book after meeting with the “sensitivity readers”, and worked with Delacorte Press to get a new release date in November.

The New York Times explained…

“After Zhao decided she wanted to release the book, she and her publisher sought feedback from scholars and sensitivity readers in an effort to resolve any ambiguity around the type of indentured labor depicted. They had academics from different multicultural backgrounds, as well as one who studies human trafficking in Asia, evaluate the text, and Zhao added new material and made changes based on their comments. They had additional sensitivity readers vet the book for racial and other stereotypes.”

So basically, it’s basically an extortion racket for cultural content.

If your book doesn’t meet the standards of Social Justice Warriors, you turn over your creative freedom to the “sensitivity readers” and if they give your book the a-okay then you’re allowed to sell your book to the public.

We saw a similar thing happen when Kokoro Jackson’s book called A Place For Wolves came under fire for being “insensitive” because he set his book during the Kosovo war but had two gay black boys as the main characters in the book. This caught ire from Social Justice Warriors who felt he wasn’t being sensitive enough toward the victims of the Kosovo war.

Ricci Yuhico, the managing librarian for young adult services at the Mid-Manhattan Library in New York City told the New York Times…

“If we’re going to push for diversity and push for representation in YA literature, then it should be done right. We want to make sure our teen patrons have good books to turn to when they ask for stories that represent them and can broaden their worldview.”

In essence, if your story doesn’t align with the ever tightening vice of socially acceptable content in the eyes of Cultural Communists then you’ll be castigated publicly, humiliated, and left beaten, battered, and whipped into ideological submission by the Commissars of Cultivation.

However, don’t shed any tears for the likes of Zhao or Jackson, both of whom are avid followers of the Social Justice Warrior philosophies. They still adopt the same sort of regressive views peddled by the very people who threw them to the wolves. Just check out the now deleted blog post from Zhao where she clearly lays out her politics…

“I write fantasy, but my story draws inspiration from themes I see in the real world today. As a foreigner in Trump’s America, I’ve been called names and faced unpleasant remarks — and as a non-citizen, I’ve felt like I have no voice — which is why I’ve channeled my anger, my frustration, and my need for action into the most powerful weapon I have: my words.”

As mentioned, you can look for Blood Heir to release later this year in November.

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