An Adventurer’s Tale RPG Launches On Steam With Free R18+ Uncensored Patch
An Adventure Tale

Ghana-based studio Epic Works and publisher Top Hat Studios announced that An Adventurer’s Tale has arrived on Steam with a free R18+ uncensored patch that’s available… on site! Yes, an R18+ patch available on-site. I don’t know how they did it but they managed to convince the ‘ole boys and girls at Valve to allow them to squeeze this thick and sexy new game through the tight hole of curation.

The game is currently available for $11.99 over on the Steam store, but during the first week of launch you can get it for 15% off the normal price.

An Adventurer’s Tale sees players taking on the role of Garth, who leaves the capital city of Gronia in search of fame, fortune, and the ability to acquire glory in a grand adventure. Garth teams up with some lovely ladies as he fights against goblins, attempts to acquire riches, and faces off against his most deadly foe yet… the Lich King, which actually turns out to be a super hot waifu.

This isn’t just another visual novel with light role-playing elements, though. It’s a 10 – 15 hour RPG with a full-on turn-based battle system that mimics the classic JRPG systems. The game also sports a large open world to explore and various quests to take on.

The character interactions and romance options unfold like traditional visual novels, though, and in combination with the uncensored R18+ patch, it adds a whole new layer of… spice to an already sugary adventure.

An Adventure Tale R18 Patch

The mature content adds explicit nudity and sexual content to the game between men and women. It doesn’t sound like there’s anything extra, so it’s likely quite vanilla. Anyway, the R18+ patch is totally free and to install it all you have to do is visit the Steam store page and click tie big green “Download” button.

It seems kind of funny that gay games that get approved on Steam can include all sorts of depraved acts from rape to bestiality, like Hadaka Shitsuji: Naked Butlers , but hetero games have to play by completely different rules.

Anyway, if you want to grab An Adventurer’s Tale right now you can do so from the Steam store, alternatively you can pick up a copy from the store page in case you wanted to support the team directly.


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