AnimeNYC Prohibits Cosplays Based On “Nazi-Like” Organizations From Tanya The Evil, Captain America
Tanya The Evil

AnimeNYC, an anime convention sponsored by Crunchyroll, Funimation and other anime-related organizations, published a FAQ for the upcoming event, which is due to take place between November 15th and November 17th, 2019 at the Javits Center in Manhattan, New York. One of the sections outlines what is and isn’t allowed as far as cosplay is concerned, and one of the major rules is that cosplay costumes associated with fictional “hate groups” are forbidden.

If you head to the AnimeNYC about page you’ll spot the rules about cosplay just down the list. The standard rules are in play, such as no nudity and outfits that you couldn’t wear on the streets of New York won’t be allowed in the convention, but then it goes one step further.

If the image isn’t clear enough or you’re unable to read the text, it states…

“Costumes associated with organized hate groups are forbidden. This includes cosplay of fictitious Nazis or Nazi-like organizations from Hellsing, Tanya the Evil, Captain America, Indiana Jones, etc. Absolutely no swastika imagery is allowed.”

That’s right, you can’t even cosplay as fictitious villains such as the Red Skull, Hydra agents, any of the villains from any Indiana Jones other than The Temple of Doom, and villains from Tanya the Evil are also off limits, along with Hellsing.

One person mentioned to One Angry Gamer that Tanya the Evil isn’t even set during World War II, but is actually set in an alternate history of World War I. So the imperial forces depicted in the anime aren’t actually Nazis. This is true, the story takes place in an alternate reality of 1926, according to the official website.

It appears AnimeNYC doesn’t actually care if they’re not actually Nazis. As they state in the quote above, any organization they deem to be “Nazi-like” is enough to forbid that cosplay from being allowed on the premises.

This widespread ban on not even allowing people to dress up like certain fictional villains seems like a step too far, but this seems to be the common modus operandi from those who adopt regressive sociopolitical beliefs.

Just recently an artist was removed from a skin contest for Paladins because back in 2018 he drew some fanart of a character in a Nazi uniform and depicted the character as an evil villain. So even drawing Nazis as villains is enough to get you de-platformed.

The prohibitory measures have now extended to the cosplay arena. So not only are certain groups prohibiting you from modifying your skin color for some cosplays, but now you can’t even cosplay as certain villains that some conventions label as “Nazi-like”.

This is a true showcase of how enlightened some people are in the Age of the Clown.

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