Arkansas Educational TV Bans Arthur’s Gay Wedding Episode
Arkansas Bans Arthur Episode

Joining Alabama Public Television in banning the gay wedding episode of PBS’ Arthur is the Arkansas Educational Television network. The broadcasting station in Arkansas has refused to air the episode titled “Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone.”

According to KATV, they reported on May 21st, 2019 that Arkansas Educational Television revealed that they would not be airing the episode of Arthur featuring Mr. Ratburn marrying his aardvark lover who happened to be a male. The gay wedding was trending all over social media and saw a number of major media outlets praising the kid’s show depicting a gay wedding, but AET issued a statement saying that they wouldn’t be following Liberal trends, writing in a statement…

“While ideally parents watch our programming with their children and discuss it with them afterwards, the reality is that many children, some of them younger than age four, watch when a parent is not in the room. In realizing that many parents may not have been aware of the topics of the episode beforehand, we made the decision not to air it.”

This is a very similar statement issued by Alabama Public Television, which also opted out of broadcasting the episode.

The episode is still available for viewing on the official PBS Kids website.

Plenty of Conservatives praised both APT and AET for pulling the episodes, stating that promoting gay marriage has no place in a kid’s cartoon. Nearly every Liberal made aware of the issue took to Twitter to rage incessantly into the night about the episode being banned from Alabama and Arkansas. They vociferously called it censorship.

The irony of it all is that the Regressive Left have hypocritically excoriated those on the Right, Libertarians, and free speech activists for not  aggressively fighting back against Alabama’s decision to ban the episode, as well as criticizing anti-SJWs for not defending the gay wedding in Arthur.  This is despite the fact that they continue to lobby for and justify the bans of anime games while also bullying developers into censoring their titles. The hypocrisy is deafening.

The duplicitous nature of Social Justice Warriors on the Left is quite telling, especially as they justified Canada recently banning pro-life film Unplanned from movie theaters. They claimed it wasn’t censorship it was “capitalism”.

The censorship is now starting to escalate enough to affect some of the entertainment media on the Left, resulting in Social Justice Warriors pining for help to fight against the monstrosity they helped create.

When they began kvetching for censorship back in 2012 a lot of Centrists said it was just “criticism”; but it escalated from “criticisms” to literal activism. After 2014 censorship was basically in full swing, and SJWs cheered and praised studios for adhering to their regressive censorship policies that resulted in fan-service being removed, “problematic” games getting banned, and mature content getting sanitized in ‘M’ rated games.

After destroying the artistic freedoms in the gaming industry and setting their sights on censoring anime and card games, these pathologically disturbed hounds of creative gatekeeping  are now expecting the very same people that they’ve burned, backstabbed, bullied, and tortured for years to aid them against broadcasting stations banning an episode of Arthur.

The absurdity is beyond words.

It’s no surprise that anti-SJWs have no love loss for the censorship of Arthur’s gay wedding episode, and it’s also no surprise that anti-SJWs are reticent about showing any support for the same people who have made their lives a living hell by intently going out of their way to destroy gaming, anime, and comic books.

If you keep pushing people and taking away their freedoms, it’s no shock that they won’t stand up and fight for your freedoms when they come under fire. This is what we’re seeing play out right now, especially after so many anti-censorship activists warned everyone that the suppression of speech and creative freedoms would eventually escalate beyond the things that SJWs found “offensive”.

Now that the censorship hammer seems to be in full swing, Social Justice Warriors are going to have a hard time finding allies after purposefully going out of their way to burn bridges and ruin other people’s hobbies for the sake of fulfilling their destiny to become Cultural Communists.

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