Artifact’s Twitch Channel Gets Overtaken With Spicy Memes And Troll Content
Twitch taken over

Moderation of the Artifact Twitch channel is sparse and at times almost non-existent. This has opened up a pathway for trolls to the channel and start streaming things like the Christchurch, New Zealand shooting, or movies like Who Killed Captain Alex?. Some journalists are triggered over the idea that trolls have taken over a channel for a mostly dead game.

It actually started on May 26th, 2019 when e-sports consultant Rod Breslau tweeted out that trolls were running roughshod in the Artifact Twitch channel, streaming some hardcore porn on the channel.

Breslau kept track of the channel, noting that after they got away with showing off some porn on the Artifact Twitch channel, they decided to escalate things a bit. And what better way to escalate trolling tactics than to stream the one video that the government and big tech have been trying to scrub from the entire internet?

That’s right, some brave trolls began live-streaming the Christchurch, New Zealand shooting in order to pose the ultimate affront to Twitch and Artifact. There’s absolutely nothing more abhorrent from a PR perspective than having your game attached to the Christchurch shooting.

In response to the news, Shacknews’ Asif Khan was shook.

You could almost feel him biting his quivering lip while writing the article, disgusted as if he had devoured a stale feminist taco, writing…

“We will not be making any mention of the channels involved in these terrible streams. It is not our job to signal boost this disgusting act, but the fact that a terror attack was rebroadcast for 30 minutes is a huge failure on the part of Twitch as a platform, and they must be held accountable. “

What Khan mentions is part of what Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just recently tweeted out as part of the Canadian Digital Charter, where he said that platforms would be financially penalized for broadcasting or hosting “hate speech” and “extremist” content. It definitely makes you wonder if Canada would drop fines on Twitch if they were alerted to the issue as part of the Digital Charter? Or is leniency granted for platforms that remove the content swiftly? The stream was up for half an hour, so one must wonder if that would factor into any penalties?

Surprisingly Polygon‘s headline was the only thing that seemed to contain the kind of triggered response one might expect from them. The article itself is a lot more milquetoast than you might have expected. The article even ends on an evenhanded note, stating…

“Many of these streams seem to be taking basic attempts to avoid being banned, such as using titles like “Artifact DLC,” or “in queue for Artifact’ ” As this trend rages on, it serves as a fascinating reminder of the potential power — for both good and bad — of Twitch.”

Depending on when you log into the Twitch channel will determine what you end up seeing. Sometimes it will be full-on movies, other times it’s memes or concerts, and sometimes you might see the Christchurch shooting. It’s like a box of chocolates that might make you laugh or scar you for life.

All of this spawns from the fact that Artifact is a dead game. Valve received a lot of pushback for the title but went ahead and released it anyway, much to the disappointment of the audience. The Twitch streams have practically been dead since the game launched… that is, until the trolls took over the Artifact channel and started feeding it some spicy content like feeding an anorexic dog Chipotle. Regardless of what you think of the content, the outcome was always going to be… entertaining.

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