Atelier Ryza First Screenshots For PS4, Switch, Steam Gives Us Some Thigh Gap
Atelier Ryza Thigh Gap

The designers at Gust’s Nagano studio are apparently connoisseurs of Boner Culture, because pixv artist Toridamono and producer Junzo Hosoi seem to have gone all-in on the sex appeal for the character Ryzaline “Ryza” Schtaut in the upcoming Atelier Ryza: The Queen of Everlasting Darkness and The Secret Hideout. How so? Well, for starters she has a rather obvious and leer-inviting thigh gap.

According to, Gust has been working on the new game – which is due out for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan this upcoming fall and at a later unconfirmed date for Steam on PC – since directly after development for Atelier Lulua got underway.

They started with the concept planning while Lulua was in full development, and then went into full production on Ryza around July of 2018.

Of course, the real juicy bits of the news comes in the form of the first set of screenshots released to Famitsu Magazine, where we gt a look at Ryza and her companions, along with her undeniably obvious thigh gap.

Atelier Ryza - Thigh Gap

Atelier Ryza - Short Shorts

As pointed out in a Twitter thread containing more screenshots of the characters and combat in Atelier Ryza, they share a snippet from an interview that Toridamono had with a Japanese outlet where it was revealed that the team worked hard to get Ryza’s thighs just right, and oh boy did they ever.

You can check out the additional screenshots from HDKirin below.

The combat system is described as being more intense than previous iterations of the series. Players will still have the triumvirate of Foraging, Synthesis and Battle to work with, but how each system is utilized will be more dynamic and multivarious to mix things up. There will also apparently be sub-systems available that also tie into the character bonds.

Of course, none of this compares to the fact that at least Gust is still keen on retaining fan-service for actual JRPG aficionados. While Western-made games continue to focus on making their female characters as ugly as possible, Japanese artists are working on perfecting the sex-appeal of their characters, which includes modeling a perfectly accurate thigh gap for their main heroine.

(Thanks for the news tip MaverickHL and Megun Tenshin)


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