Banner Of The Maid SRPG Features Hot Waifus…But It’s Not In English
Banner of the Maid

Development studio Azure Flame Studio and Chinese publisher CE-Asia recently launched Banner of the Maid on Steam for PC. The strategy-role playing game is already receiving a ton of positive feedback both for its luscious art-style and hot waifus, as well as for its historical setting and unique strategy based elements. The only downside is that it’s not in English.

CE-Asia launched Banner of the Maid on May 28th, 2019 for $16.99 over on the Steam store. It’s currently discounted by 10% off during the first week of being on sale, so you can grab it for only $15.29. However, unless you’re Taiwanese and read traditional Mandarin or you’re in mainland China and can read simplified Chinese (or you’re from neither region and just enjoy being a linguists), you’re likely going to have a hard time parsing through the gameplay and getting anything done.

The game is very much like Tactics Ogre or Bahamut Lagoon fused with Final Fantasy Tactics and Romancing Saga. The game takes place at the end of the 18th century heading into the 19th century during the rise of the French Revolution. Players will take on the role of the young Pauline Bonaparte, who starts off as an officer, winning battles and commanding the troops on the field as she rises through the ranks. But things aren’t as easy as they seem, given the swirling corruption and treacherous nature of politics set afoot.

Players will encounter a number of different factions throughout the game, including the Royalists, Club des Feuillants, Club des Jacobins, and the Malmaisons, each with their own aspirations and agendas for France.

Each faction has their own set of quests that players will need to complete and challenges to overcome in order to gather support, raise an army, secure supplies and defeat the enemy. Much like Fire Emblem you’ll have different characters with different traits that you can unlock while recruiting more than 30 different characters each with their own skillsets.

The game sports 30 different maps to scour, multiple locations with different weather patterns to contend with, and various tactical terrain options to utilize against your foes before they utilize it against you.

Banner of the Maid - Cleavage

Banner of the Maid managed to capture the hearts of gamers due to its throwback gameplay and exquisite art-style, which was put together by renown Chinese artist Jiǔ Jiàng Zi, or Small Nine Paste. You might have encountered some of her work on the NSFW Twitter page or Pixv.

The game has already garnered an ample following of non-Chinese gamers flooding the forums asking for English translations. Unfortunately the developer hasn’t made any public announcements about an English translation, but they did mention that they were looking into adding Japanese voiceovers for the Japanese release of the game.

If you really want to play an English version of the game you can definitely reach out to the Banner of the Maid Twitter account and ask them about potential English translation, and they do mention that they will respond to messages and DMs in Japanese and English as well.

Maybe with enough pestering they’ll finally add English options to the game and give everybody what they want? One can hope.

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