Batman: Hush Trailer Puts Caped Crusader In Constant Peril From Dangerous Mastermind
Batman Hush

DC Universe seems to make some really good strides in the animation department while they continue to produce hit or miss content in the live-action arena. The upcoming release of Batman: Hush seems to further prove that DC at least knows what they’re doing when it comes to producing animated flicks.

The film seems like it throws a lot at Batman but also has a variety of layers to it as well. What starts as a Batman and Catwoman team-up turns into something completely different when Poison Ivy shows up with Superman, who attempts to wreck Batman and Catwoman. But it turns out it was all a ploy hatched by someone else, Hush.

Batman and Nightwing find that they keep getting waylaid and overwhelmed by various villainous factions being strung along by Hush, but they don’t know why. The trailer frames the whole thing as a mystery for Batman to weave and navigate through as he attempts to find out who Hush is and what motivates this dangerous mastermind. You can check out the trailer below.

Hush has been a character that fans have been asking to see brought to life in other media for some time now. Originally a lot of people wanted to see Rocksteady base a game around him as a villain in the highly lauded Batman Arkham series, but they kind of copped out with an alternate take on the Red Hood story in Batman: Arkham Knight.

In this case, the animated film looks like it does Hush right, based on the trailer anyway.

I can’t say that the animations look all that great compared to some of the other outings, especially Batman: Ninja, which had some fairly unique and spectacular visuals that were inspired by Tetsuya Nomura’s works, or Flash Point Paradox, which is in my opinion still the best ever animated DC flick they’ve made so far.

Anyway, the upcoming Batman: Hush is due to drop on Blu-ray and DVD starting July 20th, 2019 this summer. You’ll also be able to stream the movie on the DC Universe streaming service starting August 13th, 2019 the following month.


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