Tank Battleground, Battlefield 1942 Copyright Rip Removed From Steam
Tank Battlegrounds

Chinese developer JMP Studio attempted to sell his game Tank Battleground (later renamed to Metal War) as Battlefield 1942. Gamers were savvy enough to spot that the game was basically just a re-upload of DICE’s first-person shooter, and when called out on it the developer apologized and vowed to have the game removed from Steam.

WCCF Tech basically did an overview of the situation, where some Reddit users called out the developer for ripping off Battlefield 1942. In one of the description on the old store page (which has since been removed) there was a reference to Battlefield 1942, but it was quickly removed. This tipped gamers off to the fact that Tank Battleground was copyright infringement incarnate.

And in case you doubt that the game was a rip, you can check out the trailer below for Tank Battleground to see that it’s basically just DICE’s old multiplayer shooter game with a new name slapped on it.

When the developer was called out he proceeded to remove the game, details, and release date. On May 29th, 2019 he proceeded to change the store name to Metal War with an image that read “I’m Sorry”.

In the post, JMP Studio explained…

“First of all, I never want to sell “battlefield 1942” in Steam. I made this stupid thing is want to get more attention.


“As you know, the unknown game developer is hard to lets their game to get more attention. I believed that such a funny behavior can get more attention, then I was buried by anger.


“All I want to say is: SORRY.


“This “copy” is not fun, is very shame and stupid.


“Please understand that I am eager to get more attention from my game. I will sincerely accept your anger.


“Please stop attacking my country. I am only the stupid one among the great Chinese people. The Chinese are hardworking and brave, bringing a lot of pure and beautiful things to the world.”

The developer stated that he contacted Valve to have the infringing game removed from the store.

Lo and behold if you attempt to visit the Steam store page for Tank Battleground it now redirects you to the main store page.

As noted by WCCF Tech, had the developer not been found out the game was scheduled to go live on Steam on May 30th, 2019.

It’s amazing that the developer managed to slip blatant copyright infringement right past Valve’s Taste Police with nary a peep, but developers working on visual novels and anime-style games run into all sorts of roadblocks and have to either censor their games or see their games getting outright banned even if they don’t contain any nudity or sexual content, netting them a spot on the Waifu Holocaust banned game list.

In a way, this really highlights that Valve curates with concerns more for content they don’t personally like rather than curating for infringing content that is actually illegal. Had gamers not spotted the discrepancy, Tank Battleground would have been live on Steam right now.

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