Batwoman CW Trailer Hits Every SJW Token From Interracial Lesbians To Man-Hating Cringe

The CW trailer for the upcoming Batwoman TV show dropped and it’s as sociopolitically charged as you would expect. From a hard focus on Kate Kane’s interracial lesbian relationship, to her constant quips about woman power, to her black sidekick, to all the feminist digs at men throughout the trailer, it was a cringe-fest.

If you’re into your super hero shows being nothing but a sleigh ride through the yellow-filled snow of SJW agenda-pushing, then you’re probably wetting your pants right now over the new Batwoman television show set to air on the CW starring Ruby Rose.

I’m not going to waste anymore words setting you up for disappointment and despondency, I’ll let the trailer do that for me. Check it out below.

That ratio…

I don’t know what’s worse, between the idea that Batman abandoned Gotham because he couldn’t hack it, or 90lbs Ruby Rose engaged in fist fights, or all the overt jabs at men, or the promo and music being a such obvious agitprop that you could serve a whole soup kitchen of homeless people with the amount of moisture wrung out of the XXL underpants of the feminist landwhales.

I suppose the best part about it is that normies are finally starting to wake up. It’s not just the anti-SJW crowd calling this nonsense out.

While the suit design is passable for a CW TV show, and probably one of the best designs they’ve introduced next to Green Arrow’s suit, the rest of the show looks like piss, and even fans of CW’s schlock weren’t feeling it.

The comments in the thread are pure gold, but my favorite is the theory proposed as to what actually happened to Bruce Wayne.

It’s funny because if there was a guy named Wonder Man who made his way to Themyscira and took all of Wonder Woman’s gear and then quipped “I’m not gonna let a woman take credit for a man’s work”, the pink-haired, mohawk-sporting, problem-glasses wearing, chair-walruses would be flapping their flippers so hard across their keyboards in unison that the ensuing rumbling would easily be mistaken for a San Francisco earthquake.

As many commenters pointed out, the entire show is steeped in sexism… against men.

Batwoman (2019) - Interracial Lesbians

We already knew this, though. The initial description of the show put Kate’s lesbianism front and center as her defining trait before anything else, and then outlined her fight for social justice. It’s obvious that this is going to be one of those shows where it’s going to hammer home its Social Justice Warrior agenda above all else. I can already imagine that people criticizing the show are going to be hit with the “homophobic” and “misogynist” labels to squelch and suppress criticism until people become repined, much like with every other show out there heavily pushing the SJW agenda.

However, viewers have the choice in not watching Batwoman, and that’s likely where their power will be with determining the fate of the show. Some are already guessing that the show getting woke will see only a few episodes made before it goes broke. We’ll find out this fall.

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