Big Drunk Satanic Massacre Promo Features Russian Pornstar Katrin Tequila Chatting Topless

BigWay Games rolled out a new video for their upcoming isometric shooter game Big Drunk Satanic Massacre. To help get people talking about the title they conducted a little Q&A with Russian pornstar Katrin Tequila.

The interview is completely pointless and features Tequila responding to random questions about the game, ranging from whether or not she thinks BDSM is sexist to what she thinks about Hitler. Yes, Hitler.

BigWay Games is definitely trying to garner attention for the upcoming isometric shooter, but it’s kind of funny how they censored Tequila’s boobs in the interview even though she spends two and a half minutes completely topless. You can check it out below.

These anti-SJW style antics to get a rise out of some of the easily offended types has yet to make the game go viral or draw in the sort of attention that other anti-SJW games like Jesus Strikes Back: Judgment Day has managed to attain. I think a lot of it is because Jesus Strikes Back is a lot more unapologetic about its intent and it’s directly targeting the people ruining entertainment and video games, whereas Big Drunk Satanic Massacre is more of a laid back, tongue-in-cheek, politically incorrect shooter that has elements that would make Social Justice Warriors rheee into the night.

Although, to BigWay’s credit they did acknowledge the Get Woke; Go Broke culture, as well as borrowed Trump’s saying to promote the concept of making Hell great again.

This latest stint featuring Tequila playing the game in the bed with nothing on but red panties will likely get a few eyeballs fixated on the title, but will it be enough to trigger a reaction like Jesus Strikes Back?

BDSM - Katrin Tequila

The marketing reminds me of Volition’s Saints Row before they traded in their edge for an apron and Anita Sarkeesian’s guide to entertainment etiquette, essentially turning them into neutered female dogs. I guess it’s fitting that their last game, Agents of Mayhem, tanked on the market for trying to target a “diverse” demographic by being more politically correct and diffusing all of the previous cutting edge that they used to include in Saints Row titles. It’s also befitting that Agents of Mayhem made it on the Get Woke; Go Broke – Master List.

Anyway, at least the gameplay for Big Drunk Satanic Massacre looks solid. It’s isometric like Hatred but the level design and enemy behavior is a lot like the original Serious Sam games.

You can check out the gameplay features and see more of the content that BigWay is implementing into their irreverent shooter by visiting the Steam store page.

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