Blade 2: The Return of Evil For Nintendo Switch Has Some Smoking Hot Waifus
Blade 2 Return of Evil Nintendo Switch

South Korean developer Action Square announced that their isometric mobile hack-and-slash title, Blade II: The Return of Evil, will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch. The gorgeous game is filled to the brim with some of the hottest looking waifu bait we’ve seen all year. Bulbous butts and bouncing boobs are present galore, and the women areall wearing the kind of boob armor that would turn a gay man straight, and a straight woman gay.

Blade II originally had a soft launch this spring. The game is currently available for Android devices. It features four playable classes, the Gladiator, the Assassin, the Wizard, and the Fighter. The classes are gender locked but the female characters are hotter than the Sahara desert heatwave during August.

Both the playable chicks have huge bouncing boobs and some of the most lubricious backdoor baggage that you will ever see. You can check out the gameplay trailer below for the upcoming Nintendo Switch release, focusing on both the gameplay and the undeniably hypnotic fan-service.

Each of the four playable characters feature distinct play-styles. The Wizard is focused on long-range projectile attacks, whereas the Gladiator is about dealing massive damage with huge blows while wielding twin swords. The Assassin is fast and nimble while the Fighter allows you to deal moderate damage at close range. Also, the Fighter looks a heck of a lot like Akuma from Street Fighter.

The gameplay is actually really fast-paced and very dynamic. Technically the game looks so much better than I was expecting given that it is a mobile title.

With the Switch’s precision control schemes it would be a blast to play the game in TV mode, especially if it contains co-op play. Could you imagine teaming up and playing a game with such high quality waifus in it?

Blade II The Return of Evil - Barely There

Then again, maybe this is the sort of game you play alone… in your room… with the door firmly closed.

The boob jiggle is definitely off the charts, and the barely-there armor for the female characters shows that Action Square doesn’t care about what critics say, they’re making a game that they want to play and it’s pretty freaking awesome. Hot chicks, fast-paced gameplay, and great graphics.

No release date has been set yet, and they haven’t really detailed much about the game for the Switch. Kakao Games has been the publisher for the South Korean release, but it’s unclear who might publish it if it heads to North America. At the moment, the game is still undergoing a soft release on mobile devices, but you can get your hands on the Blade II: The Return of Evil APK from over on the APK Mody website. You’ll have to stay tuned in for more info regarding the game’s release on the Switch.

(Thanks for the news tip Voice of Fanservice and KittyCat_Cammy)


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