Broke Girl Has Launched Uncensored On Steam
Broke Girl

Banana King, the makers of The Last Girl: Janna’s Diary of Shame, seems to be on a roll lately. The Last Girl was just recently made available on Fakku!’s storefront, and now their newest game, Broke Girl, has launched fully uncensored on Steam. Yes, Valve has allowed Banana King’s other title to launch uncensored on Steam, even though they banned The Last Girl from being available on Steam.

You may as well toss out all forms of logic in terms of trying to figure out why and how some games get banned and others don’t, because this is definitely one of those times where the logic makes no sense and consistency doesn’t seem to be a word in Valve’s corporate lexicon.

Nevertheless, the game has launched in all its depraved glory on the Steam store for $9.99.

You can get an idea of what the game is like with the uncensored NSFW launch trailer below from over on

The game is not too dissimilar from The Last Girl, where a pretty rich blonde finds herself in debt and must pay it off by any means necessary. This involves degrading herself in front of and to a variety of clients who desire her to perform the most lewd and perverse acts that they can imagine.

Much like The Last Girl, you’ll have some choices in how the story unfolds for the rich girl who became a broke girl. You’ll have to take on lewd jobs for licentious clients in order to make enough money to pay off the $10 million debt. Will the broke girl settle for becoming a porn star? Or will she go even further into becoming a gang-banging prostitute?

Depending on your choices will determine what becomes of her fate, with 30 different choices, six different endings, and 14 base CGs featuring more than 100 different variations along with six different outfits with 30 different variations.

I’m guessing that Valve’s Taste Police may have let this game slip through only because players can choose to engage – consensually – with the various acts that the broke girl is subjected to rather than in The Last Girl where your choices would result in Janna being raped? I can’t say for sure and given Valve’s finicky policies on content curation, it could very well have been the art-style, the character designs, or the content of the game that resulted in them rejecting one and accepting the other.

Either way, I’m sure Banana King is just happy to have both games available in some capacity on digital distribution services.

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