Castlevania Anniversary Collection To Get Free Update With Japanese Variants Of Games

Fans spoke and Konami, despite all odds, has listened. Shortly after launch, a free patch to Castlevania Anniversary Collection will add the original Japanese version of several games to the lineup.

Believe it or not, games were being censored basically from the word go. In Castlevania’s case, that meant changes were made outside of Japan including things like less risqué statues or enemies, less blood and even crosses being removed from some pieces of the environment. There were also some changes made to audio files between regions.

After all these years, Konami is finally making the original Japanese versions of old-school Castlevania games available. When Anniversary Collection was first announced, social media and message boards were flooded with questions concerning which versions of the games would be included. Those same folks were obviously bummed when it turned out the collection would include the U.S. versions of the games.

Now, with Castlevania Anniversary Collection set to launch on Thursday, Konami has made a surprise announcement. Over on the PlayStation Blog, Konami notes “we heard your calls” and revealed that a free update shortly after launch will add Japanese title variants to the game. It’s not clear if that includes every game in the collection or just those that saw changes back in the day but, either way, this is great news for series fans.

Konami’s trip through Castlevania’s earliest history is set to launch on May 16 for 20 bucks. The game is launching for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC, and it includes eight whip-cracking classics. Those games include Castlevania, Simon’s Quest and Dracula’s Revenge for the NES,  Super Castlevania IV for the SNES, The Castlevania Adventure and Belmont’s Revenge for the Game Boy, the highly-anticipated Bloodlines for the Genesis and a lighthearted spinoff called Kid Dracula, which previously only launched in Japan for the Famicom. Also included will be a digital book highlighting these games and the history of the series.

Still no physical edition but, hey, we’ll take what we can get.


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