Catherine: Full Body Localization Succumbs To Censorship Brigade
Catherine Full Body

Gamers were thoroughly worried about the Western release of Catherine: Full Body. From Sony’s PS4 censorship policies to the raucous social media brigade instigated by ResetEra, gamers had a sinking feeling that Atlus’ localization of the adult-themed game centered around infidelity wouldn’t make it across the pond fully intact… well, they were right.

IGN did an extended preview of Catherine: Full Body where they talked about some of the features of the game, including the new scenes, Rin, and the voice actors. They also briefly covered some changes that were made to the game regarding the character Erika, writing…

“Certain characters are properly named in the credits. (You’ll understand this if you were tuned into the controversy surrounding previous editions of Catherine.) Some lines may have been changed about this character as well.”

There’s some obvious spoilers ahead in order to discuss the context of the censorship, so if you don’t want to be spoiled stop reading here.

What the IGN segment is referring to is a character named Erica, who is supposed to be transgender. In the original Japanese ending credits they list Erica with the original name “Eric”, before Eric transitioned.

The other reference that IGN mentions refers to what ResetEra labeled as “transphobic”. They staged a full frontal assault against Atlus via social media, enabling it to trend.

A voice actress working on the localized version of the game later confirmed that the Western version of the game would be “adjusted for bigotry”.

It appears, based on the IGN article, that Atlus’ bent the knee.

Typically, Social Justice Warriors are parading and celebrating the censorship, while also showing their true colors by acknowledging that they won’t even buy the game. Twitter user Mombot captured a screenshot of someone saying that even after complaining and campaigning for the change, they won’t even buy the game this fall.

Over on ResetEra, user vestan praised Atlus for the changes and hoped that Persona 5 Royal would also be censored, writing…

“Good on Atlus USA to clean up this colossal clusterfuck left behind by Atlus JP. Still, what a fucking mess. I bet the people so adamant that bringing this up will do nothing because Atlus is a Japanese company feel real dumb now. I’m now imagining the faux outrage coming from basement dwelling bottom feeders. Real good move from Atlus USA.


“I’m curious to see if Atlus JP got the memo and plan to remove those homophobic scenes in the upcoming Persona 5 Royal. A part of me thinks they will as they have no real excuse but eh… You never know, really.”

This is just a further sign that these people will continue to go out of their way to ruin, cripple, and deconstruct our hobbies all while cheering on the censorship to stifle the art of creators.

They have no qualms about using censorship to get their way, but will throw a fit when any of their stuff gets censored once in a blue moon.

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