Closers PS4 Japanese Release Gets Delayed To June, No Reason Given
Closers PS4

A lot of gamers are seeing red with the news that Laplace’s Closers has been delayed from its May 22nd release all the way to a June release. The action-oriented MMO has been out and available on PC since 2014 in Korea, and made its way to PC in Southeast Asia and Japan back in 2017, only to release in the West on Steam back in early 2018. The PS4 version was supposed to be out soon but the delay has scuttled those plans.

Gematsu is reporting that publisher Laplace and developer Naddic Games have delayed the release of the free-to-play action title on the PS4 to June.

As pointed out by Gematsu, pre-registration for Closers was available on the PlayStation Store between March 25th and May 21st.

Why exactly is a five year old game missing its release dates on the PS4? The studios aren’t saying. Gamers, however, are already speculating that it may have something to do with Closers content, specifically that the game may be getting hit by Sony’s censorship policies.

For those of you who don’t know, Closers is rife with fan-service.

Closers - Hot Spring Costumes

Yes, the game has hot springs costumes for the lovely ladies, among a litany of other risque outfits and clothing attire.

It’s not just sexy outfits that Closers comes equipped with, there’s also ample amounts of boob jiggling and upskirt shorts aplenty.

Couple this with the fact that Sony removed the original Closers trailer from the PlayStation Store page, and it’s not hard to see why some gamers would assume that Laplace and Naddic got hit with the censorship policy.

We don’t actually know what the real reason is for the delay, but if it’s to cover up the girls, cut down on the cleavage, blur out the upskirt shots, and whittle away the jiggling, then that could explain some things. We’ll just have to wait until June to find out what’s going on with the game when it finally goes live on the PS4 in Japan this June.

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