Deputy Trailer Features Stephen Dorff In A Show That Seems Too Good To Be On Fox
Deputy Fox

I didn’t really become a fan of Stephen Dorff until later in his career as he started taking on more meatier roles and really feeding into his grizzled tough guy persona that’s become about as rare as a sane Liberal, or a honest lawyer, or cult-free Hollywood actor. Anyway, Dorff is starring in a new show due out on Fox called Deputy, which seems a lot like a Network version of Timothy Olyphant’s Justified.

The new trailer for the show is surprisingly a lot more fleshed out and character driven than what I was expecting.

There’s a mixture of the grounded realism of police work juxtaposed with the heightened sense of tension and thrills that one would expect from a David Ayer thriller. Although, I suppose it’s no surprise that the Fury and End of Watch director is attached to the Fox drama, so that makes a lot of sense. You can check out the trailer below featuring car chases, shootouts, and the typical tight-as-a-collar political machinations that makes law enforcement a heck of a lot more complicated than it needs be.

I’m kind of shocked that they allowed him to arrest some Mexican gang members in the show. In today’s politically correct-infested society you typically can’t have crime demographics properly conveyed in shows or movies lest a bunch of overly sensitive, chair-bound keyboard addicts will type up a storm on social media in hopes of getting the show censored or shelved with their frothing mouth-breathing diatribes and cancel-campaigns.

Anyway, the show is about an aging Deputy played by Stephen Dorff who ends up inheriting the position of the Sheriff over the county. Only things don’t quite turn out the way he hopes and he ends up resenting the politics-laden bureaucracy that comes with the job, as well as all the red tape that keeps him from being the gun-totting cowboy that he used to be.

The trailer gives away quite a bit but obviously not everything. I don’t like mainstream network television anymore because it’s filled with the kind of visual diarrhea that I couldn’t be paid to watch, but Deputy doesn’t look that bad. The trailer was cut together real nice. So maybe it might be worth checking out if you’re looking for something interesting to watch that isn’t laced from top to bottom with the cancerous elements of the diversity agenda or the sociopolitically heavy-handedness that seems to be embedded in almost every show on ABC and CBS.

Obviously, just because it’s a show produced for mainstream television you’re going to need to watch with caution. You can never be too sure in today’s age where many shows are designed to subvert cultural standards.


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