DeskScapes 10 Brings Customizable Animated Desktops To PC
DeskScapes 10

Big, jiggly, anime tiddies. That’s what every core gamer wants to see on their desktop after booting up their PC, right? They’ve been treated to this recently with Wallpaper Engine, but Stardock Entertainment wants to give gamers a little more choice and diversity in how they see anime boobs, video games, movies, or other kinds of content that users can put onto their desktop’s background with the brand new DeskScapes 10. The software allows you to customize, illustrate, animate, and accessorize your desktop with active backdrops.

DeskScapes 10 recently dropped and is available for purchase or free trial from over on the Stardock download page.

Now while the namesake might imply affiliation only with Windows 10, the reality is that DeskScapes does come in a number of formats that’s compatible with operating systems ranging from Windows 7 up to the latest iteration of Windows 10. So you’re good to go… if you’re not using Windows XP.

Anyway, DeskScapes 10 allows you customize your Windows desktops with static or animated backgrounds. You can use any of the standard Windows supported image files, or you can use WMV files for animations. It comes equipped with more than 60 unique effects that you can use to manipualte the backdrops, and offers you the ability to make use h264 hardware accelerated videos, when applicable. You can get an idea of what it’s like with the launch trailer below.

As demonstrated in the video, once you download and install the software app, you can boot it up and choose from a number of different wallpapers from the default selection or from your own stash of images.

To make matters sexier, you can actually browse for images online and use them for background if you want, applying special effects and other visual manipulations to give the backdrop its own special flavor right from the very depths of your twisted mind.

Alternatively, if you can’t find something you like from your own searches on DuckDuckGo or Bing, you can open up the in-app online browser and search for specific backdrops and custom wallpapers made by other users. You can filter the online searches by category, or you can filter search results by your favorite desktop author. If you need a few ideas on what sort of desktops you should add to your stash, you can check out a video to help you along the way courtesy of Picuzzi.

DeskScapes 10 also supports multi-monitors, so you can either stretch the image from one monitor to both monitors or you can have different desktop backgrounds for each individual monitor.

You can get your hands on DeskScapes 10 right now for free if you grab the trial. Alternatively you can purchase the DeskScapes software for $9.99 or get Object Desktop, which comes with Fences, Groupy and Start10 so you can customize your desktop with a start menu and group icon tabbing. Object Desktop runs a little higher than the original app, so you’ll need to shell out $29.99. If you’re not into using Steam due to their censorship policies, then you can check out DeskScapes 10 completely separate from Valve’s software.

You can learn more about the software by visiting the Stardock DeskScapes page.


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