Earthworm Jim Comic Book Surpasses $70,000 On IndieGoGo Right Out Of The Gate
Earthworm Jim Comic

Earthworm Jim creator Doug TenNapel has been a target of the Social Justice types for years on end. The accomplished designer and creator is now back at it, this time working on an Earthworm Jim: Launch the Cow comic following the announcement that a new Earthworm Jim game was in development for the Intellivision Amico.

On May 13th, 2019 TenNapel tweeted out that there’s an IndieGoGo campaign currently going on right now for the Earthworm Jim comic book. It has 60 days to go but it’s already amassed more than $70,000 on the crowdfunding platform.

The two minute pitch video explains that the printed comic will be a physical book made available for bakers and it won’t be sold digitally or through retail outlets. The entire package will also come with behind-the-scenes photos, making of images and illustrations, as well as notes and details on the construction of the comic. You can check it out below.

There’s a ton of content packed into this project. The there’s also a 9×12” 160-page long book that will be available in hardbound, documenting and chronicling all of the characters, the designs, the world, and the lore.

The comic itself will dive into the actual story of how Earthworm Jim became the hero we all know and love, as well as the backstory behind some of his friends and foes.

The book will also contain interviews with some of the original team that worked on the 1994 16-bit Earthworm Jim game and various script pages covering the design of the box art and cartridge covers.

There will also be three specially designed collectible art prints that will only be available to backers.

Now you’re probably wondering “What’s this gonna cost me?” Good question, champ. Well at the $25 mark you can get your hands on just the comic book, Earthworm Jim: Launch The Cow. You can grab both the comic and the making of book for $50. The package containing the comic, the making of, the three art prints, along with a signature from Doug TenNapel, will run you $70.

Earthworm Jim - Bee Princess

The upper end of the backer tiers include an original custom cover plus an alternate cover for the comic for $7,000. Only one person can claim this backer reward. The same applies to a special making of cover from Mike Koelsch, which is only available for one backer and will run you $10,000.

The campaign still has two full months to go, so you’ve definitely got time to mull it over.

Given that some SJW journalists were trying to pressure Tommy Tallarico into keeping Doug TenNapel off the Intellivision Amico version of Earthworm Jim, don’t be surprised if some bad actors pop up in an attempt to derail the IndieGoGo campaign. Said bad actors did manage to scuttle the Rebel Yell campaign, and IndieGoGo staff have refused to explain how or why the comic violated their terms of service.

Nevertheless, you can support the Earthworm Jim: Launch The Cow comic, if you so desire, by visiting the IndieGoGo campaign page.


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