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1477700cookie-checkEden Rising Cheats Come Packed With Infinite Health, Super Speed, Slow Motion
27 May 2019
2.18 min read

Eden Rising Cheats Come Packed With Infinite Health, Super Speed, Slow Motion

Nvizzio Creations, Meridian4 and The Wall Productions’ RPG, exploration, tower-defense hybrid Eden Rising has been attempting to carve out its own little niche by taking bits and pieces from other genres and mixing them together in an action-oriented bowl of soup that attempts to appeal to gamers who want a game with a lot of strategic elements, some single and multiplayer gameplay options, and a wide open world to adventure across. If you’re one of those gamers then you’re probably happy with what Nvizzio came up with. But even still, you might want to make the game feel a little more inviting by adding the spice of cheats to the recipe.

There’s a free and premium version of a trainer available to download for Eden Rising from over on

Infinite stamina

Movement speed: slow

Infinite power

Infinite Mana

Movement speed: regular

The free cheats grant you access to the infinite amounts of stamina, and you can also use the slow movement speed, but I doubt most people would want to slow down their character, since that’s not really useful.

There is another cheat trainer available that you can grab from over on

The Eden Rising cheats in the trainer are listed below:

Infinite Health

Infinite Mana

Items Don't Decrease

One Hit Kills

Infinite Turrets Health

The free crafting will definitely come in handy for people who don’t want to scavenge and scrape together supplies from all across the map to create new gear and upgrade their weapons and armor. The slow motion also works for all characters, not just the player-character. Alternatively you can make use of the super speed cheat so that you can get around the map quickly and efficiently.

As for the game itself, Eden Rising is a third-person action-adventure game that takes place in a world filled with hostile alien creatures. You can either go it alone or team up with a couple of friends to craft new melee and projectile weapons to take on the hordes while building up and protecting your base.

Unlike other hack-and-slash titles out there where you just aim to get bigger and better weapons and more high-powered armor, you also have defenses you can utilize like in other tower defense games like Orcs Must Die! or Dungeon Defenders. This adds an extra layer of strategy to the game as you not only have to worry about staying alive by using expert combat tactics and awareness, but you also have to keep your defenses up and active in order to take down the hordes.

Eden Rising is currently available right now over on the Steam store. The game currently has a mixed user rating, though, and the developers are still working out the early launch-quarter kinks, so it might be best to check it out after all the wrinkles get ironed out.