Final Fantasy VII Remake’s #BoobGate Thread Gets Locked On Reddit As Worries Mount Over Tifa’s Bust Size
Tifa Final Fantasy 7

During Sony’s most recent State of Play they unveiled new gameplay footage and cinematics for the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake. During the footage we were treated to our firsthand look at Aeris, as well as a few other characters. However, one of the main playable characters from the original game was nowhere to be seen: Tifa Lockhart. The buxom beauty has been one of the most discussed topics regarding the remake, but Tetsuya Nomura has been coy about revealing any details about her, leading gamers to think that Tifa might have undergone some serious changes… specifically her boobs.

The discussion has been a frenzied hailstorm across the net and almost every major Final Fantasy forum, including the Final Fantasy VII Remake sub-reddit. One gamer was curious if Tifa would be the victim of today’s more politically correct take on creativity, and if her boobs would be reduced to placate the vocal minority asking for women to cover up and censor themselves. Reddit user SomberSun made a post on March 10th, 2019 writing…

“Will Tifa have an SJW boob reduction in the interest of “realism” in a game about magic and monsters despite her large bust and slender frame not actually being unrealistic?”

The post was met with ridicule and derision from people claiming that SJWs were just “tinfoil hat” conspiracies.

Just eleven comments in and the thread was locked.

This led to a post titled “can we please keep the culture wars out of fF7?” made just a few hours later from KeySUPERbia.

KeySUPERbia wrote…

“[…] I am seeing the same sad predictable bastards trying to turn the game into the next battleground for their obnoxious culture wars. ALREADY there’s conspiracy bs about reducing Tifa’s boobs to “appease the SJWs” (if they are changed to be smaller or bigger it will be because of the art direction, and Tifa was never an ero hentai character anyway), meanwhile Kotaku spits is already making stupid clickbait articles about Barret being a racist black man stereotype.


“It really pisses me off that these people want to claw their own melodramatic politics into every single game that comes out, FF7 characters are almost universally beloved and how they are handled should be up to the creators of the Remake and staying true to the original themes. I really love FF since decades ago and would hate to see it devolve into the shitslinging Outrage Culture and drama of modern video game releases, and I feel most people feel the same way”

Some believe that the creators are already converged, though.

There’s a post over on Kotaku in Action where worries are mounting over an unverified piece of concept art allegedly from the same artist who did original concept art for other characters in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

So what has people so worried? Because the art supposedly shows Tifa Lockhart with less curves, smaller boobs, a black undershirt, and a longer skirt. You can see the image below.

Again, it’s unverified but supposedly from the same artist who did the concept art for other characters who appeared in the trailer as they were depicted in the mock-ups.

[Update 5/12/2019:] According to Noriyuki Works, the Tifa concept may be fake. He explained…

[…] Japanese confirmed that these art [referring to the images in this link] was illustrated in the mori art museum in japan last year for the 30th anniversary of FF series and also the wife of ferrari commented in her official account that this Tifa one is not made from Ferrari but we must need to check well what is the truth °° so there are a chance that the Tifa one is fake.

After seeing renders of Tifa from artists like Blair Armitage, there’s very obvious expectations of what gamers hope to see from the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Even still, many other fans of the series are horrified at the idea that Final Fantasy VII Remake could fall victim to the censorship scourge that has run rampant throughout the gaming industry. Others fear that Sony’s censorship policies may have bled over into the creative process of Japanese developers and is now heralding an age where preemptive self-censorship is being applied to avoid having to censor their games closer toward release, which has happened a couple of times in the recent past, like Mary Skelter 2 or Senran Kagura 7EVEN.

For now we have no idea what’s going to happen with Tifa until we actually see what she looks like in-game. Apparently we’ll get to see more of the game at this year’s E3 in June, but until then gamers are staying watchful and vigilant to in order to protect the sanctity of Tifa’s bust size.

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(Main image courtesy of Blair Armitage)


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