Forager Sells 150,000 Copies On Steam; Mod Support Coming In Fall, Multiplayer In Winter
Forager Sales

HopFrog and Humble Bundle announced that the retro-bit inspired adventure-survival game that launched on Steam back on April 18th, 2019 for $19.99, managed to sell 150,000 copies within the span of just a couple of weeks.

The game is themed around scavenging, farming, and crafting. The gameplay is themed around other indie titles like Stardew Valley and Terraria, but the visual aesthetic hearkens back to the SNES age of console titles like The Legend of Zelda. Apparently the mixture of genres and aesthetics was enough to warrant a strong sales start for the title, proving that if you make a good game with an inviting look you’ll likely garner strong sales and positive reception from gamers, opposite of a lot of AAA Western titles released these days.

Mariano Cavallero, creator of Forager, mentioned in the press release…

“I always thought my silly little crafting game could be something special, it’s so wholesome and exciting that players around the world seem to agree!”


“There are a lot of new content and features coming to the game in the near future that I am VERY excited about! Things like massive content updates, Mod Support and Multiplayer which are only possible thanks to the amazing support of gamers worldwide!”

That’s right, the game received a visual roadmap, where mod support and multiplayer were outlined on the chart, which you can check out below.


So in may the game will receive new game modes, weather effects, and improved UI navigation for the options menu.

Throughout the summer you can expect a hard mode, a new biome to explore, all new enemies and bosses to fight, along with an increased combat difficulty.

During the fall you’ll be able to make use of the integrated mod support, which will allow for custom biomes, custom items, custom structures, and other goodies. This will hopefully hold gamers over until the winter update, where all new lands and items will be implemented along with an online multiplayer mode.

It’s interesting because they’ve already moved 150,000 copies of the game but it still hasn’t launched on Nintendo Switch or PS4 yet. As noted on Gematsu, Forager won’t be launching on the other two systems until sometime in the summer.

For now if you were interested in checking the game out on PC, you can do so by visiting the Steam store where Forager is available for $19.99. Alternatively you could wait until the winter and pick up a digital copy when the multiplayer mode and mod support are already implemented.


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