Fred Perry’s Gold Digger Comics Printed Collection Lands On Kickstarter
Gold Digger

Days after launching the Kickstarter for the fully printed version of Fred Perry’s Gold Digger comics, the campaign met and surpassed its funding goal of $18,000. With 20 days left on the campaign they’ve already accrued $20,000 to bring the FREDeral Reserve Gold Brick collection of the long-running comic book series to print, many of which are fully colored.

Some of you might be familiar with Fred Perry’s work over the years thanks to indie publishers like Antarctic Press, while others might have scoped out his more risque offerings while scouring certain NSFW doujin sites. The prolific comic book creator has been working on the Gold Digger series since returning from a tour of duty in the Gulf War back in 1991.

The comic received a four-issue mini-series in 1992, followed by a black-and-white series in 1993, and then went into regular circulation with full colored issues from 1999 onward. The FREDeral Reserve collection will compile all of these books into a massive 600 page book, fully colored, featuring all of the main series and spin-offs of the Gold Digger comics.

Gold Digger Dreadwing Mymior

The series is described as Final Fantasy meets Indiana Jones. As you can tell from the artwork, Perry is definitely not the Social Justice Warrior type, and has no qualms about stripping down the characters into teeny weeny outfits to accommodate the reader’s fan-service expectations.

I know it’s a rarity these days to see beautiful women with voluptuous figures in today’s mainstream Western market due to the way Marvel and DC Comics have attempted to reduce and and scale back on the way women are “sexualized” in their series because they’re trying desperately to be “woke” and to appease the feminists and Social Justice Warriors. Well, not Fred Perry.

Gold Digger - Dat Ass

According to the Kickstarter page they needed at least $18,000 to pay for all the packaging, shipping, materials, and printing to bring the 600-page anthology to life. It looks like plenty of comic book fans wanted to see that project brought to life.

If you’re also interested in contributing to the cause, for $15 you can gain access to the PDF version of the collection, but for $60 you can gain access to the full 600-page book and have it shipped to you anywhere in the world.

You can learn more or pledge to the project by visiting the Official Kickstarter page.

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