German Grocery Store EDEKA Gets Woke With Misandrist Ad For Mother’s Day
EDEKA Woke Misandry

Germans may be seeing their culture upended and subverted by their own government, but they still have enough common sense about them to denounce further attempts to undermine their nation’s fathers. What am I talking about? I’m talking about the pushback that a grocery chain called EDEKA is receiving for its misandrist ad aimed at denigrating fathers as part of their Mother’s Day promotion.

The ad is just a little under a minute and a half in length. It showcases a number of clips of fathers being incompetent when it comes to handling their kids, from feeding them, to cleaning them, to communicating with them (or the lack thereof in every instance). At the end of the ad, which features fathers as abject failures, the little girl narrating the ad says “Mom, thank you for not being Dad.”

You can check out the ad below which was posted up on May 5th, 2019.

After garnering more than 1.1 million views as of the writing of this article, the majority of Germans did not take lightly to the misandrist tone of the ad, and rightfully fulfilled their duty to downvote the ad into oblivion.

Apparently Germans actually aren’t that keen on getting hit with propaganda from a woke company.

There’s a number of thoughtful comments on the commercial, and what little changes they could have made to make it a great Father’s Day ad or to at least reduce the appearance of making fathers look like idiots just to praise mothers.

The comments, however, begin to descend into more red-pill territory further into the thread.

We see that the German women even came in to defend their husbands, fathers, and the men who take care of kids unconditionally.

Some people attempted to justify the ad, stating that the marketing team did its job, managing to make EDEKA the talk of social media.

However, there is a flaw to the argument that just because people are talking about the brand it’s good for the brand. Not all publicity is good publicity. We saw how EA and DICE’s moment of getting “woke” and attacking their own fans – along with the corrupt media – led to Battlefield V tanking on the market and costing Electronic Arts $350 million in missed projections.

We also saw how BioWare’s constant flirtations with getting “woke” also cost that company huge with all of their games since Dragon Age: Inquisition. Now the brand is tainted and toxic, and no longer associated with quality, hence leading to stagnate sales of Anthem, which also greatly missed sales projections as well.

YouTube and Gillette also suffered from negative publicity as well while trying to court the SJW culture that is currently ruining everything. Both companies also lost big for doing so.

Apparently the marketers at EDEKA haven’t been paying attention to a little something-something called Get Woke; Go Broke. If they haven’t learned about it by now, they’ll likely see the results on their next earnings report.

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