Ghost Recon: Wildlands Update Adds Jon Bernthal To The Roster
Ghost Recon Jon Bernthal

We may not be getting a third season of The Punisher on Netflix, but at least Ghost Recon: Wildlands is giving us the next best thing. In the Operation Oracle update, players will have the opportunity to hunt down baddies alongside the man himself, Jon Bernthal.

Ubisoft announced Operation Oracle with a brief trailer heading into the weekend, with the update itself shortly following. Oracle includes two new missions, which everyone can enjoy thanks to a free-play weekend that’s also running through Monday.

If there’s one thing we learned from The Punisher, it’s that Bernthal is very good at playing a cold and calculating soldier who openly admits he flat-out loves war. He was also really good at giving chest-beating speeches that came up just shy of being punctuated by a loud “Oorah,” which makes him a perfect fit on the Ghost Recon roster.

In Operation Oracle, Bernthal plays a soldier by the name of Cole D. Walker, which I literally just realized is basically “Cold Walker.” Anyway, the guy is another Ghost team leader you’ll meet on a mission to recover a Skell Tech engineer who has been taken prisoner by Unidad. The update announcement says this set of missions will “challenge your perception of the truth,” and players are encouraged to explore the missions thoroughly in order to uncover more secrets. It’s also noted that what happens in Operation Oracle “might very well set the scene for the future,” which sounds a heck of a lot like a teaser for a new game.

Operation Oracle is open to anyone who has completed Wildlands’ first mission, with rewards including an “Executioner” CQC finisher and an arm tattoo matching the one seen on Walker’s own arm. If you’re a member of Ubisoft Club, you’ll also gain access to a Walker costume at a later date.


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