Google To Shut Down YouTube Gaming App, Standalone Website This Week

Google is known for making new stuff only to abandon it a short while later, pulling an Electronic Arts and taking its projects out back to put them down. Well, it looks like the so-called “Twitch Killer” known as YouTube Gaming app has gone broke in the process and will close down this week.

Publication site reported today that on May 30th, 2019, Google will shut down YouTube Gaming app and its related website The portion of Ars Technica’s write-up relaying the following information:

“YouTube Gaming is more or less shutting down this week. Google launched the standalone YouTube gaming vertical almost four years ago as a response to Amazon’s purchase of Twitch, and on May 30, Google will shut down the standalone YouTube Gaming app and the standalone website.”

So what does this all mean exactly? Well, it means the alternative interface to YouTube’s gaming content will not result in the loss of any content according to Ars. Moreover, live-streaming will still be supported on

The website also notes that there is a YouTube Gaming support page that details some of the changes users will encounter, like the merging of YouTube Gaming and normal YouTube subscriptions. Additionally, folks of said dying service will also lose their list of “followed games” — something that isn’t supported on

Finally, the website shines a light on Google directing YouTube Gaming users to a “gaming sub-page on,” which sports some of the YouTube Gaming features.

Ars closes out its piece with a list of Google killed services like Google+, Google Inbox, Google Allo, the Chromecast Audio, and more with Google Hangouts and Google Play Music scheduled for the dead pool.

I do wonder how long the forthcoming Stadia will last? If Google’s past is any indication, I think Stadia’s game streaming fate is already sealed.

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