Laura Kate Dale No Longer Working At Kotaku UK
Laura Kate Dale

Shortly after the controversy regarding Persona 5: Royal and attempting to stir outrage over a vocalist being accused of saying “retarded” in a music line, Kotaku UK’s Laura Kate Dale is stepping away from the caustic outlet on June 6th, 2019.

The news came courtesy of a series of tweets from Dale on May 30th, 2019.

The thread is fairly lengthy, with the former Kotaku contributor writing…

“The past two years working at Kotaku UK have been a wonderful experience, allowing me the room to produce great work with some brilliant colleagues. But the next few months for me are going to be focused on personal projects I’m hoping will shape my career going forward. As such, I’ve made the exciting yet scary decision to leave Kotaku UK and return to working as a solo content creator. This will allow me to focus on my two upcoming books, as well as a number of other longform projects I have in the works for 2019.


“My final day at the site will be Thursday 6th June. I want to thank Keza MacDonald and Rich Stanton for giving me the opportunity to be Kotaku UK’s News Editor, it means a lot to me, and our production editor Kim Snaith for being a fantastic colleague.


“For the next week, my focus remains on finishing up at Kotaku UK on a high. As for what comes next, I’ll be returning to solo content creation just in time for E3. I have plenty of plans for E3 week, several new regular projects to unveil soon, and a publishing schedule prepared.”

From there the thread explains where you can find Dale’s context next, as well as an announcement for a return to Patreon.

Dale has been involved in several high-profile controversies at Kotaku UK, one of which included an interview with the late TotalBiscuit, which garnered a lot of hate from Social Justice Warriors who harassed Kotaku and its writers over the interview. This resulted in Kotaku UK’s editors apologizing to SJWs after getting harassed.

There was also the case of Polygon and Kotaku cocking the shotgun of strife over Catherine: Full Body, where they helped create the social media stir leading to groups of SJWs claiming that the game was transphobic.

This eventually led to a social media trend that resulted in Atlus allegedly censoring certain lines.

I’m sure the anti-censorship will see this as a small victory, but so long as outlets like Kotaku and Polygon have sway over the industry, the fight is far from over.

(Thanks for the news tip Blaugast)


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