Lovelyday Of Girlfriends And Me Romantic Visual Novel Banned From Steam
Lovelyday Girlfriends and Me

Kanata Studio and Parasol’s 女友与我的恋爱日常, also known in Katakana as Kanojo to Ore no Lovely Day, or in English as Lovelyday of Girlfriends and Me (although the literal translation would be Girlfriend and My Love Everyday), was banned from Steam on May 13th, 2019. The romantic visual novel was originally added to the Steam database back in November of 2018, and the store page was approved to go online in December. However, for whatever reason, ahead of the game’s release, Valve banned the moe visual novel.

According to the SteamDB entry the game was banned on May 13th, 2019. It was difficult to tell which version of the game was submitted to Steam because they kept adding and removing the adult content filter tag. However, judging by the entry on an April 28th 2019 archive of the Steam page for the mature content description, it reads like it was the all-ages version of the game, since it stated…

“Contains crude sexual humor and partial nudity. “

Typically R18+ games contain explicit graphic nudity and sexual content.

Based on the game’s trailer it also seems to coincide with the description on the store page. You can check it out below.

According to the game’s entry it is an R18+ game… or at least, for its release in Japan. The Chinese version of Lovelyday of Girlfriends And Me is the all-ages edition of the game, which appears to be what the Steam version of the game is based on the descriptions and heavy focus on Chinese text.

What’s interesting, though, is that not only did Valve ban the game from Steam, but they also banned the demo, according to the SteamDB entry. The demo was actually submitted and approved by Valve back in late March of 2019. However, for some reason it was given the axe.

Valve also took an extra step to completely remove the community hubs for both the game and the demo. An archive of the community hub from late April shows that someone was asking if this entry was going to be the all ages or R18+ version of the game.

Beyond that there wasn’t much activity on the forums. The Twitter feed is also eerily silent about the ban as well. What’s also odd is that Valve already approved past projects from Parasol and Kanata Studio for release on Steam, including This Is A Very Sweet Love Story, which is currently available on the Steam store to purchase for $29.99

This is yet another romantic visual novel hit by Valve’s taste policing that has been increasingly stringent in recent times, where even games that don’t contain explicit content are getting hit. In this case, Lovelyday of Girlfriends and Me joins the ever-expanding Waifu Holocaust 2.0 banned game list.

You can keep track of the game by visiting the official website.

I did reach out to Parasol about their game getting banned from Steam, so if they respond the article will be updated with their response.

(Thanks for the news tip Doraggon)


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