Marchen Nocturne, R18+ Idle RPG Launches On Nutaku
Marchen Nocturne

Nutaku announced that Märchen Nocturne has officially launched on their storefront. The idle RPG features chibi combat, a story involving characters based on popular fairy tales, and lots of unadulterated scenes of copulation.

Märchen Nocturne‘s story probably doesn’t sound anything like an H-game, considering that it’s something you might expect to get out of a Disney movie. Really. It follows a handful of heroines who embark on a journey to restore their land after the Magic Mirror was shattered a long time ago and scattered far and wide. A mysterious person tried to take control of the Magic Mirror by stealing it, but when it broke it caused a disruption within their world, corrupting the minds of anyone who touched or encountered any of the shards of the broken mirror.

The heroines manage to team up with the hero, and embark on a journey to restore the mirror and cleanse the corruption from the land. Along the way the girls – based on popular fairy tale characters such as Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood – end up engaging in some hardcore antics with the hero while they attempt to save the world.

There’s a NSFW red band trailer for Märchen Nocturne that you can check out below to get an idea of what the gameplay and art-style is like.

The actual gameplay consists of an idle system where the game will continuously battle even while you’re asleep. The main interaction sequences look like typical visual novel CGs, but the battle system uses chibi-style paper cutouts in turn-based encounters. In addition to the combat system there are also some mini-games for players to complete, such as match-3 puzzle sequences.

There are five main story chapters to complete, more than 20 different fairy tale girls to meet, and more than 20 sequences you can unlock. Unfortunately the sequences do contain mosaic censorship, so if you’re not into that then you might want to give the game a pass.

Märchen Nocturne also comes with a PvP system and world bosses that you can encounter every two hours. The game is currently available on PC and for Android devices. You can check it out right now by visiting the NSFW Nutaku store page.


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