Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order Trailer Features Playable X-Men, Sexy Psylocke
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Team Ninja and Nintendo’s Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 received a brand new trailer in preparation for the upcoming release of the four-player cooperative action-oriented, beat-’em-up, hack-and-slash game being made exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

The new trailer focuses on the playable X-Men and some of the villains you’ll be fighting in the third game. The trailer is themed a lot around Magneto and his faction, some of whom are playable in the game, while we also see some of the more rarely used X-Men such as Night Crawler and Psylocke make an appearance.

Given that this is a Team Ninja game we can also duly see that Psylocke retains all her sexy curves and is even given a tiny bit of boob jiggle, which is a staple of Team Ninja’s games. Nice to see that Nintendo isn’t afraid of publishing games from other studios that still appreciate some good ‘ole big boobs and a little bit of jiggle, especially as other studios and platform holders continue to censor and ban fan-service.

Visually the game looks typical of a Switch game. It’s not graphically… superlative. It’s an okay looking game that gets it done. It has a kind of Marvel vs Capcom 3 vibe to it, where it’s not quite cel-shaded but looks quite cartoony.

There’s a strong focus on bright hues, and a diverse palette reliant on a lot of specular highlight maps in the shaders instead of dark, contrasting shadows like a lot of other games out there. In some ways it helps Marvel Ultimate Alliance stand out compared to every other grim-dark game out on the market.

Gameplay wise it still looks very much like the kind of game that would fit in nicely with the other two Marvel Ultimate Alliance games. Whether or not it’s as fun as those other two remains to be seen but it’s definitely on my to-buy list when it launches on July 19th, 2019.


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