Marvelous Trims Sales Forecast For Unannounced Title Due To Censoring Sexual Elements
Marvelous Censored

Censorship enforcement policies are now having forward-looking effects on Marvelous Entertainment games that haven’t even been announced yet, assuming a recent report from Takashi Mochizuki is to be believed.

Gematsu picked up the news from tweets made by Takashi Mochizuki from the Wall Street Journal, who posted the following tweets on May 13th, 2019.

I suppose it’s safe to assume this is going to be a PlayStation game?

While the quote states that Marvelous says it’s getting harder to make games with “sexual expressions” and had to “trim” an aspect from an upcoming unannounced title, the English translation leaves out a very significant piece of information found in the Japanese tweets that Mochizuki also put out along with the English translation of the investor Q&A.

The Japanese tweet discussing the sexual expression being affected is below.

The relevant section is at the end, where Mochizuki states “売上見通しをさげた”which was completely truncated from his English translation. What it says is…

“The sales forecast has been lowered.”

So when taken all together, Mochizuki is saying that not only did Marvelous have to remove certain sexual expressions from an upcoming, unannounced game – basically admitting to self-censorship – but they expect that due to this self-censorship the sales for the upcoming game will not be that great, hence why they lowered the sales forecast.

It’s interesting that Mochizuki left out the part about the sales forecast in his English tweets.

Nevertheless, Marvelous is now in a bad way because the cheesecake games they used to make filled with fan-service and big, bouncy boobs, are now under fire due to Sony’s censorship policies. First it was the Senran Kagura games having to remove the Intimacy Mode. Then it expanded and began affecting the games in more significant ways, with the latest title, Senran Kagura 7EVEN, being delayed to accommodate the censorship policies. And now it’s spreading to other Marvelous titles as well.

While Sony isn’t directly banning or stopping the sales of Marvelous’ fan-service games, impacting them through indirect censorship enforcement essentially means that Marvelous will either have to stop making these games or go out of business. Then again, it could be Valve’s inconsistent censorship policies that Marvelous is referencing? However that seems a bit unlikely.

In the end, Social Justice Warriors are taking away your games, but they’re doing it by forcing your favorite game developers and publishers to basically commit financial seppuku.

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