Mgła, Black Metal Band Seeks Legal Action Against Antifa, SJWs For Using Calumny To Cancel Shows
MGLA vs Antifa

Black metal, death metal, and deathcore has been under attack from Antifa, Social Justice Warriors, and the Regressive Left over the last several years. These attacks have especially escalated even more so than usual in recent times. One band caught in the cross-hairs of the Social Justice brigade is the Polish band Mgła. Their concerts have been prime targets of cancellation by Antifa on a few recent occasions, which has been in result of the radical Leftist group spreading defamation about the Polish death metal band. Well, Mgła isn’t standing by idly. They have publicly acknowledged that they will be taking legal action against these groups.

On April 28th, 2019 the black metal band made a post on Facebook revealing that there would be legal action taken against the people trying to get the Polish band banned from performing at various venues, writing to their 66,000 followers…

“We have found ourselves as a target of smear campaign coordinated in time with the start of our European tour. False accusations of political nature of Mgła have been made – brown mud is kept being thrown in hope that some of it sticks. Combined with threats and pressure towards venues and their staff this has led, so far, to the cancellation of two concerts.


“We have decided to take legal action against these sources which are publishing defamation in print. This is the first time we explicitly ask the fans for help and support. Please save webpages, take screenshots etc. of defamatory publications which will later be required as supporting material. Likewise, if you have received threats for planning on attending as a fan or working as a crew member at the tour concerts, please save the emails/text messages/forum messages/comments etc. – we will greatly appreciate this as evidence at a later stage.”

This comes after a concerted effort by Left-wing activists such as Antifa and the typical Social Justice Warrior groups who go out of their way to label anyone they can as “Nazis” in order to get de-platform their ideological opponents.

Antifa’s efforts started with a post on their website LBGA Muenchen on April 25th, 2019, where they attempted to conflate Mgła with the National Socialist Black Metal movement and a band called Infernal War, where they referenced a quote from member Pawel Pietrzak that they labeled as anti-Semitic. The quote they dug up from Infernal War’s Pawel Pietrzak comes from an interview that was published back in May of 2006 on Indy Media, where he told the outlet…

“Modern society with all its ‘values’ deserves the gas chamber. Political aspects of today’s modern world make me ill, no longer – politically correct, corrupt, worthless circus. The tension that is growing between the Middle East and the US is easy to understand. You (USA) need oil and want to reduce their surplus of weapons to avoid an economic crisis and the war on terrorism is a good excuse to do it and I feel bad when I hear that our great president (Jew, by the way) help for America announced. By the way, Jew.SA has meddled in too many things for far too long.”

The Antifa group also accused Mgła of having some of their songs released under a label that they claimed also distributed NSBM songs, and therefore Mgła was guilty by the association of several degrees of separation from NSBM groups.

The attacks against the band had lasting effects on their penned in dates, including a May 1st, 2019 concert that was upended from The Backstage in Neuhausen, Swizterland, as reported by The article explained…

“Hans-Georg Stocker, managing Director of the cultural center stated, in a press release. Stocker in response to a letter that the “Left Alliance against anti-Semitism Munich” had spread. The activists had accused the two Bands of anti-Semitism and racism, and demanded to cancel the show.”

The Antifa group has been spreading around the message to concert halls and venues that bands like Mgła are National Socialist Black Metal supporters, and therefore they shouldn’t be allowed to play. This has affected Mgła in a pretty significant way, since in addition to having their gig at The Backstage cancelled, their concert at the Columbia-Theater in Berlin, Germany was also cancelled, as reported by Metal.De.

These attempts from Social Justice Warriors and Antifa has caused significant financial harm to Mgła, which is why they’re fighting back against their aggressors, and filing legal action.

But it’s not just Mgła who has been under attack from Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and Social Justice Warriors.

Various black metal bands in general have been under siege for the last several years, with whispers of #MetalGate circulating the community shortly after #GamerGate got underway.

YouTuber and metal fan RazorFist even did a video about SJWs encroaching on the community back in 2017 titled “ANTIFA vs MARDUK (Good luck!): Metal Mythos Missive”.

This was also covered extensively in a February 13th, 2017 piece by Metal Blast, where they chronicled BLM and Antifa groups targeting the band Marduk after labeling them a “Nazi band”. These attacks led to some of the group’s touring locations getting hit with cancellations in lieu of the complaints from far Left activists.

This carried on and escalated up to and through 2018, where various groups ended up getting hit with labels of being “Nazis” and “anti-Semites”, thus resulting in their concerts cancelled after protests from Antifa were made to the venue owners. One such group that got hit pretty hard was Taake, where their troubles started with a show in New York getting cancelled by the New York Antifa chapter, as reported by Metal Injection.

Taake had been defending against allegations of Nazism for years. Hoest, from the band Taake, had actually addressed the claims of Nazism as far back as January, 2008, where he bluntly had to explain the meaning behind the imagery and symbolism of black metal, writing…

“I`ve clearly stated that TAAKE IS CERTAINLY NOT A POLITICAL NAZI-BAND, yet some people seem to still insist that we are.


“It is not the first time such a situation has occured either, several German festival organizers had to give in to similar pressure last year, disappointing hundreds of people eager to watch us perform and cheating them out of their money.


“But doing this to a Norwegian band about to play at a Norwegian festival is way out of line.


“I do realize that it is rather unforgivable to display a swastika in Germany, yes.


“On the other hand I strongly feel that Black Metal bands should allow themselves to use ANY kind of destructive/negative symbolism, as the basis of this expression is above all: EVIL(!)


“Black Metal is still not, and should never become, harmless like all other styles of housebroke metal.


“Frankly, I find it preposterous that we get away with lyrics about murder, torture, rape, necrophilia and suicide, but get boycotted for wearing a symbol (which, by the way, has nothing to do with the band`s concept) on ONE single occasion.


“A part of our mission is to invoke negative feelings, so I found it quite appropriate to remind our German audience of their biggest shame.


“Some understood it and handled it well, whilst others overreacted far beyond expectance.


“It is embarrassing to have to point out these things over and over again, but as usual humanity proves to be ignorant.


“We feel misunderstood.”

Nevertheless, Antifa and their SJW minions continued to libel the black metal band in order to get their gigs scuttled.

As reported by Metal Trenches, Taake had to reluctantly tell fans back on February 28th, 2018 that they had to cancel their entire tour in the U.S., due to Antifa’s canards about the band.

In the Facebook post they explained that venues were not only lied to by Antifa but also came under threat of violence by the groups…

“It is with great regret that we have to inform you that Taake’s US Tour has been cancelled. Despite all those incredible people who stepped up and tried to help us save the tour, and to whom we are more grateful than we can express, time and logistics are just not on our side. It was not our wish to cancel, but the decision was forced on us by the illegal activities of Antifa and its supporters who applied pressure on venues and promoters to cancel shows. Pressure, it has to be said, that has frequently been accompanied with threats of violence both towards those involved in the organisation and towards any fans attending (not to mention the bands who would be playing). Why these threats are not reported to the police, we don’t know.


“We have explained on many, many occasions, the history behind what caused the problems, and there are plenty of articles in the unbiased press and on social media where you can read the truth of it, but just for the sake of clarity Taake is not now, has never been, and never will be a Nazi band.”

This continued to extend through the black metal community, affecting other bands as well, such as Hellvetron from Texas.

NBC ran a story depicting Hellvetron as having a history of anti-Semitism. They continued to push Antifa’s narrative that such bands were facing repercussions of having their concerts cancelled in result of advocating anti-Semitism.

Of course, the pieces from NBC aren’t isolated.

Antifa and others who align with the Regressive Left have received plenty of support for their message against black metal thanks to large media outlets like NBC and The New Yorker, who penned a piece on February 19th, 2019 titled “Heavy Metal Confronts Its Nazi Problem”.

The piece attempts to paint traditional black metal as sympathizers in alignment with Nazism, and that the new wave of black metal artists who are part of the “anti-fascist” underground are the champions of anti-Nazi sentiment. Essentially, hipsters of black metal.

The New Yorker quoted former writer for Rolling Stone, Spin, and Pitchfork, Kim Kelly, who stated…

“The worldwide rise of violent white supremacy and fascism has put every one of us—but especially those in marginalized communities—at risk, and metal should not be allowed to become a breeding ground for right-wing extremism. . . . This festival is for those of us who reject and push back against that poison—who adhere to the mantra that ‘Metal is for everyone (except Nazis),’ and who are committed to cleaning up our own backyard.”

Some of you might recognize that exact same rhetoric from the culture critics who helped turn #GamerGate into a national discussion that was mischaracterized as a “harassment campaign”, something that turned out not to be true, as detailed in the FBI report.

However, it doesn’t matter what the facts are. If media outlets apply enough spin and activist groups push hard enough, an entire subculture can be usurped right from under its feet. A lot of times this is thanks to the media mischaracterizing the situation and creating villains where none exist. Metal Sucks did this very thing with Mgła, where they echoed the sentiments of Antifa claiming that the band had ties to NSBM in a piece published on April 30th, 2019.

This isn’t even the first time that Metal Sucks has done this. In fact, they were one of the groups responsible for a label getting dropped by a payment processor, in addition to being targeted by the FDIC via “Operation Choke Point”.

RazorFist also had a video pointing out how Metal Sucks has been an enemy of metal for years now.

These kind of attacks, defamatory allegations to de-platform, and social media campaigns to censor and suppress won’t end.

Antifa, SJWs, and the Regressive Left will continue to go after any and everyone they feel are “problematic” in their attempts to further their Cultural Communism.

This isn’t just something limited to the black metal community, it has run rampant in video games, comic books, and even anime. As evident in the case of voice actor Vic Mignogna, the only way to truly fight back is by filing lawsuits against those wishing to do harm, especially since these people won’t quit until their target’s career is completely destroyed.

In the case of Mgła, they definitely have a case on their hands since the Antifa group has a public post making accusations against the group and purposefully and maliciously went out of their way to tortiously interfere with their business. Whether or not the courts will see that way is another story, but we’ll see how things turn out.

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