Microsoft’s New Xbox Moderation Initiative Aims To Weed Out Hate Speech, Toxicity, Misogyny
Xbox Moderation

Microsoft has announced that they’re starting a new diversity and inclusivity moderation initiative for the Xbox gaming ecosystem, where they hope to weed out “hate speech”, “toxicity”, “bigotry” and “misogyny”.

Over on the Microsoft website, head of the Xbox division, Phil Spencer, explained how gaming is for everyone, but they need to do a better job of making it a “safe space” for snowflakes, writing…

“Gaming must be a safe environment. Creating community is shared work, and protecting community is essential work, so, we all carry part of the payload of community safety – game industry and gamers alike.


“This widespread embrace of gaming and its global communities have turned video games into the world’s leading cultural industry, bigger than movies or music. But it also comes at a time when digital life includes a growing toxic stew of hate speech, bigotry and misogyny.”

To help combat this “toxicity” and “bigotry”, Microsoft will be working with its Ambassadors to help improve community standards.

Spencer explained that the Xbox Ambassadors will help identify and subdue “abuse” and “misuse”, writing…

“Our Xbox Safety team is nicknamed the “Defenders of Joy” because we will defend you in every humanly and technologically possible way, so gaming remains fun. We will identify potentials for abuse and misuse on our platform and will fix problems quickly. We are also intent on expanding the composition of our safety team so wide-ranging perspectives can help us identify future safety problems and solutions. Because hate and harassment have no place in gaming, we recently published a refreshed version of our Xbox Community Standards to communicate how each of us can keep gaming fun and safe for all and detail the consequences when any of us break these standards. A welcoming community is the key to a safe community, so our 150,000 Xbox Ambassadors – community leaders, stewards, and allies – will be engaged to embark on new community missions to help create an inviting and safe environment for all gamers.”

Spencer also stated that they will be improving moderation tools for families, kids, and teens. He points to the “Responsible Gaming” page, where Microsoft openly promotes race mixing, a concept being heavily pushed by Left-wing propagandists who have waged war against traditional Western values.

You won’t find any news outlets operated by normal people pushing that kind of agitprop.

Yet Microsoft is joining in on the sociopolitical iconography.

But it goes further.

In addition to updating the Xbox Live code of conduct to reduce “problematic” content, they note that by the end of 2019 there will be tightly curated community moderation features rolled out to create a “safe space” for discussing games, with Spencer writing…

“This summer, we are empowering our official Club community managers with proactive content moderation features that will help create safe spaces for fans to discuss their favorite games. We plan to roll out new content moderation experiences to everyone on Xbox Live by the end of 2019.”

This has already led to the same propagandists mentioned above to taking this announcement from Microsoft and using it to further push for the censorship and locking down on the freedom of expression.

One such outlet is CNBC, who praised Microsoft for their new censorship plans all while conjuring up the straw-made boogeyman known as #GamerGate, writing…

“Microsoft needs to make sure Xbox players don’t hear or see content that might turn off users, or scare younger players away.


“Microsoft is making these moves after the ascent of the Gamergate controversy, which led to people harassing and making threats against women.”

Of course, this is a persistent lie pushed by media outlets even after the WAM! report indicated that there was no organized harassment going on, and the FBI report couldn’t find any actionable evidence that a harassment campaign had taken place.

But that’s to be expected from the media at this point. They’ve been lying about #GamerGate for five years straight now. It’s the monster in the closet; the villain under the bed; the demon that hangs on their back, and the devil that looms over their shoulder.

The real news here is that Microsoft is lost.

A bunch of people keep claiming that Microsoft will restore gaming where Sony has destroyed it, but that’s not Microsoft’s intent. They’re not here to save gaming either, they’re also here to disrupt and destroy it just from a different angle.

They’ve already been heavily pushing for the “diversity” and “inclusivity” angle, which is codeword for more censorship and restrictions on freedom of expression. They’ve already given over one of their most prominent franchises to a social engineering program funded by Facebook. They’ve introduced “diverse” Xbox Avatars that were specifically designed to make “non-binary” characters. And now they’re introducing new moderation systems this year specifically in favor of those who want a “safe space” in gaming.

Microsoft is not your savior, and adopting the language, policies, and sociopolitics of the Regressive Left means that they’re firmly aiding and abetting the enemy of gaming culture.

All ye who hope for salvation, hope in vain.

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